CPD Token to Get Development Boost

The CoinsPaid Foundation, a non-profit organization, will develop the CPD token. 

CPD Token to Get Development Boost

The CoinsPaid Foundation, a non-profit organization headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, will work to incorporate the CPD token into the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem and increase its adoption rate. 

The foundation will work on building a community of blockchain developers, liquidity providers, market makers, opinion leaders, e-commerce and DeFi segment representatives. 

The fund’s staff will partner with representatives of various crypto companies to help CPD appear on lists of assets available on cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and protocols. For instance, the CPD token has already been added to Lumi Wallet assets. There are plans to integrate the token into P2E games, various bonus programs, including the development of CPD’s own ambassadorship program

In addition to development, the CoinsPaid Foundation employees will be in charge of the project’s legal side, protecting the interests of CPD holders and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 

To recap, CPD is a utility token in the CoinsPaid ecosystem. The CoinsPaid Foundation’s formation is part of the 2022 token development plans announced earlier. CoinsPaid CEO Max Krupyshev gave more details about the company’s goals and successes during the AMA session.

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