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About Project

СoinsPaid Media is an online edition for an audience that is interested in cryptocurrencies and their active use in life and business.

We publish news, useful articles on how to understand and use cryptocurrency, life hacks on how to save, invest, and protect your funds, and how to use CoinsPaid’s ecosystem products. We also include author columns from experts in various related specialities.

Our Team

Ekaterina Palianova
Chief Editor who isn’t afraid to take risks
Ekaterina has more than ten years of experience in managing editorial boards at different levels - from local to federal ones. She sets the right direction for the project, invents new formats and special projects, makes sure the readers and the team feel comfortable working, generating content and enjoying the processes and results. She is fond of traveling, sometimes writes and publishes fiction texts and likes to read everything. She has a passion for discovering new insights in new areas so that she can apply non-standard approaches in creating something fresh and interesting for others.
Natalie Vavulina
Event Manager and a professional tennis player
Natalie works on organizing international FinTech events, represents CoinsPaid Media and the project's "big brother," CoinsPaid at worldwide digital economy events. Her future goal is to develop a B2B service offering of organizing large corporate and commercial events. Before 2017, she was a professional athlete, and in 2018, she graduated from St. John's University of New York with a degree in International Economics.
Mikhail Belanovich
Lead Designer with elf roots
Mikhail is responsible for the visual concept and its implementation in CoinsPaid Media. He helps enrich the project and ensures the readers feel comfortable on every page of the site and within other projects. Mikhail admits that "creating design is great, and with such cool teammates, it’s even greater." His favorite things are listening to podcasts, enjoying a campfire and eating curry.
Evgeny Tarasov
News Editor passionate about conspiracy theories
Evgeny helps our readers to understand what’s happening in the industry; from the information and perspective he shares, readers can make the right decisions and avoid mistakes. Every day he reports on relevant news and interesting facts from the world of the digital economy. Outside of work, Evgeny enjoys spending his time in the countryside with a good book in hand, refreshing his energy and spending time without gadgets.
Natalia Martysevich
Analyst aka a corgi owner
At CoinsPaid Media, she collects and analyzes data to make the website so user-friendly that readers won't want to leave. Natalia professionally structures information, puts it into an understandable form, analyzes it and draws conclusions. She has also contributed to the Academy's launch. In her spare time, she sews clothes, plays board games with friends and never gives up hope of going to the gym regularly. She has the cutest and meanest corgi named Mars.
Anna Volkomurova
Frontend Developer with a flair for music
She is a master at turning the designers' ideas into reality and helping to make the project even faster and prettier. In her work, she likes it when every pixel is in its place, and the designers are happy. Anna tries to watch all the TV series on Netflix and plays the keyboard on weekends.
Nikolay Voloshyn
Video Editor dreaming of making a documentary
Nikolay is in charge of the video production. He loves filming with a keen eye for detail. He always suggests new ideas and implements them in videos that you can find on our YouTube channel. He helps to make the project better with his insights, experience and ability to produce quality video content using his knowledge of crypto trading. He plays sports, rides BMX, enjoys self-development and travels in his spare time.
Sergey Veremeenko
SMM Designer who enjoys life in Portugal
Sergey handles visual concept development of company social network profiles. He also helps other specialists with design, visual and informational content. Sergey has been living in Portugal for two years, though he knows German better than Portuguese. Once he realized he wasn’t cut out to be a translator, he began to study design. He is fond of memes, interesting conversations and tea.
Nikita Moiseev
3D Designer who knows everything about the game industry
Nikita makes 3D visuals for the Media project, creates booths and materials for the team to work effectively at events. He has created an entire building dedicated to the company and its products in the metaverse. Nikita likes pixels, while his passion is for writing music. He believes that CoinsPaid Media is an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of crypto and a place to realize one's most creative ideas.
Anna Yanchenko
Translator who has time to work out at the gym
Anna has been in love with the Spanish language since childhood and now supervises the translation department. She ensures that every translated word and sentence doesn’t twist the author's original meaning in their native language. Her motto is, “Power lies in the balance,” which is why after an intense gym workout, she grabs a Big Tasty. When Anna does have free time, she likes to go for walks with friends to loosen up and decompress from an intense working week.
Olga Zemtsova
SMM Manager with the voice of Ariel
Olga’s job is to make every subscriber feel at home in CoinsPaid Media social networks. Selecting ideas, creating a content plan, assigning tasks to designers and copywriters — everything is prepared with a great thrill before being published on our social networks. Olga is sure that CoinsPaid Media is a friend who will give advice, cheer you up and tell you how to be friends with cryptocurrencies. She is a brilliant singer, dreams of becoming a TikTok star and making friends with top influencers for future collaborations.
Elizaveta Pavlova
Translator interested in art history
Her task is to translate material well and correctly. She doesn’t like deadlines, so she works quickly so she’s never running late. Liza will meet any idea, even the wildest ones, with a simple "when will we start?" She believes that CoinsPaid Media is a fantastic resource, your best friend and a free community. "We show you that the crypto industry is not scary at all, but interesting and exciting." She spends her leisure time in the company of friends, a good book or a course of art history lectures.
Anastasia Galuzo
Communication Manager, who took a risk and moved to Georgia
Anastasia skillfully works with partners and helps departments be equipped with up-to-date services and programs to accomplish great achievements. She supports every project and idea within the media team. She’s confident that the project will surpass expectations. Anastasia speaks several languages and is always ready to join any adventure, no matter how crazy it is.
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We form a community that depicts a vision of the future and opens up new opportunities for the world associated with cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument. It equally helps people to find the right solutions for growth and development in a rapidly changing reality.

CoinsPaid focuses on a niche area that provides an informational function to help accelerate the processes of integrating the ecosystem into the business solutions of our customers and partners. It also brings together crypto industry experts on one platform.


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