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News | 2 weeks ago
2 minutes read
CP Media Announces AMA Session on Crypto Media

CoinsPaid Media invites everyone to participate in the AMA session, which will be held on the Reddit platform and dedicated to various crypto media aspects. CoinsPaid Media’s editorial staff will […]

Author: CoinsPaid Media Editor
Business | 3 months ago
3 minutes read
2022 in 10 Facts: CP Media’s Year in Review

This year was momentous for us as it was our first. Our editors worked hard like clockwork, delivering up-to-date news and articles. The Academy column was our calling card, featuring […]

Author: CoinsPaid Media Editor
News | 10 months ago
< 1 minutes read
CoinsPaid Media Shortlisted for Best CryptoNews of the Year

CoinsPaid Media has been shortlisted for an award by the Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference (AIBC) in the Crypto News Of The Year category. The results will be presented on […]

Author: CoinsPaid Media Editor
Business | 22:56
6 minutes read
Being the #1 iGaming token, supporting the green movement, collaborating with leaders: Crypto Snack reveals its future plans 

CoinsPaid Media chatted with the Crypto Snack team to learn more about each brand, get to know the basic idea and talk about the company’s partnership with CoinsPaid. As a […]

Author: Media editor
News | 07:35
3 minutes read
Crypto News for Crypto Optimists #5: Digest of the Week

The first week of the new year did not bring as many reasons for optimism as we would have liked. CoinsPaid Media has prepared for you a selection of the […]

Author: @media
Columns | 14:23
3 minutes read
CoinsPaid Media: What to Expect from This Brand New Online Platform 

A big day and milestone in the team’s ongoing development took place. The CoinsPaid Media project had its official launch. We’re happy that we achieved this goal in 2021, which […]

Author: Ekaterina Palianova