The first month of fall 2023 promises to be packed with various conferences, summits, and exhibitions dedicated to different aspects of the Web3 industry. In the first half of September, experts, investors, and crypto enthusiasts will be busy discussing trends in crypto payments, blockchain developments, innovative FinTech, and other related topics.

Over 30 events are scheduled for September, so the CP Media team has split the traditional selection into two parts for your convenience. The first is a list of the most prominent cryptocurrency events of the first half of the coming month with a description of their features.

Note: We recommend double-checking information about specific events with the organizers before you plan on heading there.

SiGMA Balkans & CIS

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 4-7.

Location: Limassol, Cyprus.

Event Type: conference.

An international event that will bring together over 12,000 participants and more than 200 experienced speakers. SiGMA Balkans & CIS is one of the largest events in the gambling industry. The event will attract the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, and specialists from different parts of the world. Within four days, guests can enjoy:

  • interesting speeches from experts and leading specialists; 
  • discussions on the industry’s future development; 
  • favorable conditions for establishing new business relations; 
  • ample opportunities for networking;
  • exploring new approaches and prospects for business development.

Conference participants will get information about the latest trends and innovations in the online gambling industry, exchange experiences with colleagues and potential partners, and explore new prospects for their businesses.

Korea Blockchain Week 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 5-10.

Location: Seoul, South Korea.

Event Type: exhibition and side events.

The annual KBW2023 expo will be held in Korea for the sixth time. The event will feature numerous keynotes from industry leaders, panel discussions, and seminars focused on the future development of the region’s financial sector.

The highlight of the week is the two-day Impact conference, which will take place September 5-6 at The Shilla Seoul. The event will raise topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain development, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, and Web3 initiatives.

As before, the event’s main goal is to accelerate the mass adoption of DLT in the region by bringing together innovative startups, blockchain developers, and investors who can jointly drive the Web3 sphere.

However, Korea Blockchain Week 2023 will feature various events starting September 1 and running through September 10. These include hackathons, pitchings, networking events, conferences, parties, and more. More details on the schedule of main and side events can be found on the KBW2023 website. 

Nordic Blockchain Conference 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 6-7.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark.

Event Type: conference.

The fifth international conference will be held in Scandinavia. It’s dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and organized by the local Web3 community Nordic Blockchain Association. The event will be a traditional meeting place for Nordic innovative companies and an opportunity to network with industry leaders, founders, investors, and researchers from other countries. 

For two busy days, participants will attend speaker presentations and participate in panels to discuss the latest blockchain developments, use cases, and challenges in implementing DLT. Moreover, the conference will summarize the results of the Nordic Hackathon online event with the awarding of the top three teams and present an NFT art gallery. 


16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 6-8.

Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: summit.

The XRP Ledger (XRPL) Developer Summit, organized by Ripple Labs, is designed to gather experienced programmers and leading industry experts. During the event, there’ll be a number of presentations, breakout sessions, and panel discussions, the main goal of which is to popularize blockchain technologies and developments based on XRP Ledger.

The XRPL Developer Summit will be a platform for sharing innovative ideas and a meeting place for like-minded developers who can discuss the current problems of blockchain adoption and the latest achievements of the XRPL community.

Summit participants will also be able to gain invaluable experience during workshops where skilled programmers will help their colleagues improve their blockchain development experience and talk about real XRPL-based apps in projects related to finance, gaming, NFT, and other spheres. 


16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 6-8.

Location: Festival Arena, Dubai, UAE.

Event Type: exhibition.

ICBM Expo, an international exhibition on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and the Metaverse, will provide participants with much insight into the latest trends, achievements, and developments in these areas. The event will include a conference with keynotes from industry leaders.

During two eventful days, exhibitors will have a chance to interact with representatives of leading industry companies and startups to learn more about their products and services firsthand, discover the latest blockchain developments, and make business connections.

NFT Fest Lugano

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 7-11.

Location: Lugano Convention & Exhibition Center, Lugano, Switzerland.

Event Type: festival.

The annual meet-up of NFT enthusiasts will take place this year in the Bitcoin city of Lugano. The spectacular five-day event, centered around the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and revolutionary Web3 technologies, promises to provide participants with an extraordinary experience of merging culture, entertainment, and cutting-edge technologies.

NFT Fest will be held with the support of the Municipality of Lugano and the assistance of local community organizations, universities, and major crypto companies in the region.

The festival program will be divided into three areas of NFT technology application: art, music, and games. Participants of the event are expected to attend presentations by hundreds of speakers, dozens of master classes from experienced developers, and many business zones for meetings with entrepreneurs, managers, and investors.

Ethereum Singapore 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 10-12.

Location: National Gallery Singapore, Singapore.

Event Type: conference. 

The conference will bring together the local Ethereum community and developers to address real-world challenges faced by non-profit organizations leveraging the power of the Ethereum ecosystem. 

The event will include a hackathon where developers can create products based on open source developments, exciting workshops, and inspiring keynotes on topics relevant to the Web3 industry, such as:

  • decentralized finance;
  • layer 2 protocol infrastructure;
  • zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology capabilities;
  • scaling protocols based on the Ethereum network.

XBIZ Amsterdam

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 10-12.

Location: Park Centraal Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: conference. 

XBIZ Amsterdam is an event for content creators, webmasters, brand executives, marketers, developers, service providers, and other players in the digital media industry. The event will feature a wide range of organizations ready to showcase their expertise and achievements in the marketing sphere.

Workshops and panel discussions with experienced professionals will cover topics ranging from content creation, branding, and marketing to innovative ways of monetization and digital media marketing. XBIZ Amsterdam offers many networking events with a unique format, such as Speed Networking, Mix & Meet, and special cocktail events to build new business connections and strengthen existing relationships.

The event is also scheduled to include the XBIZ Europa Awards, which recognizes leadership, business acumen, positive impact in the community, and overall career success as judged by industry peers.

DappCon 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 11-13.

Location: Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany.

Event Type: conference.

DappCon is a non-profit global conference for developers of decentralized apps based on Ethereum tools and underlying infrastructure. The event will attract over 900 blockchain developers for a three-day meet-up in Berlin.

DappCon 2023, organized by Gnosis, will be a great opportunity for developers and blockchain experts to gather, network, and get updates on trends in the ecosystem.

TOKEN2049 Week

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 11-17.

Location: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore.

Event Type: a series of seminars, conferences, and summits.

TOKEN2049 Week, a grand week dedicated to developing the Web3 ecosystem will take place in Singapore. The event will feature a wide range of meet-ups, workshops, conferences, summits, networking, and parties, providing attendees with many unprecedented networking opportunities.

Each TOKEN2049 Week event will cover at least one of a broad list of topics, including:

  • blockchain gaming;
  • decentralized finance (DeFi);
  • Metaverse technologies; 
  • leveraging AI capabilities in cryptocurrency projects;
  • scaling DLT systems; 
  • industry regulation;
  • global macroeconomic indicators.

Event participants will be the first to learn about important market updates, company partnerships, and product launches from the industry’s top influential players. TOKEN2049 Week is a meaningful event for decision-makers in the global Web3 ecosystem.

MoneyLIVE Asia 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 12-13.

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Event Type: conference.

MoneyLIVE Asia is one of the biggest events on banking and payment technologies in the Asian region. The conference will provide strategic insights from over 60% of financial institutions and participants with C-level positions: directors, line managers, vice presidents, and presidents. The discussion will explore the prospects, challenges, and complexities on the path to the digital transformation of the regional banking sector. 

Amsterdam FinTech Week

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 12-15.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: conference.

Amsterdam FinTech Week (XFW) will gather experts, investors, regulators, and many others involved in the digital finance ecosystem. The conference, organized by Holland FinTech, will provide an opportunity to share knowledge, latest developments, and ideas through various events and options. The conference includes a two-day summit, exhibition, social events, a number of keynotes, workshops, and startup pitches.

Market developments will be discussed from two perspectives: meta FinTech, which focuses on how to use technology to make businesses more efficient and effective, and impact FinTech, which denotes how to use technology to have a positive impact on customers and society.

The shift from meta FinTech to impact FinTech represents a growing trend in the FinTech industry to address some of the pressing social and environmental issues in the world. 

TOKEN2049 Singapore

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 13-14.

Location: Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Event Type: conference.

The flagship event of TOKEN2049 Week will be a two-day conference, featuring three stages with a variety of keynotes, workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and other informative speaking formats. 

In 2023, the organizers of TOKEN2049 Singapore plan to bring together representatives from crypto and institutional projects for expert and engaging discussions, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from the most influential and recognized leaders who are C-level executives or founders of large companies and play an important role in shaping the future of the digital asset economy.

Advancing Bitcoin: Enterprise Edition 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 14-15.

Location: Gran Hotel Miramar, Málaga, Spain.

Event Type: conference.

The two-day Advancing Bitcoin: Enterprise Edition event aims to educate for-profit and nonprofit organizations on how best to integrate Bitcoin and similar technologies into their businesses. Conference attendees will learn best practices and see the leading products and services for companies using or considering blockchain and Bitcoin payments as part of their strategy.

The event will also familiarize participants with the issues and solutions companies should consider when dealing with Bitcoin. Bitcoin solution providers will share their experience and expertise through 25-minute talks, practical workshops, and panel discussions. Advancing Bitcoin: Enterprise Edition is an opportunity to meet experts, hear their stories, and ask them questions in person.


16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 14-17.

Location: Congress Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria.

Event Type: conference.

One of the biggest Bitcoin conferences in Central Europe will be opening its doors for the second time, bringing together all the well-known names in the German-speaking BTC community.

BTC23 is a conference for Bitcoin enthusiasts dedicated to everything related to the first cryptocurrency. During the event, participants will not only be able to socialize with like-minded people and exchange knowledge, but also learn about new developments related to using BTC. 

Three days with opinion leaders, entrepreneurs, employees of companies working in the Bitcoin industry, representatives of financial institutions, and institutional investors will be full of relevant lectures, heated discussions, conversations, and parties.

Traders Fair & Gala Night

16 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of September 2023

Date: September 16.

Location: Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Event Type: exhibition.

The Traders Fairs event series invites traders worldwide to South Africa for one day in 2023. The program of the event, organized by FINEXPO, will be packed with seminars and master classes with the participation of trading experts and networking with representatives of top trading companies, banks, and financial institutions from around the world. At the exhibition booths, many international FinTech companies, brokers, and investors are expected to present their solutions for trading in stock and currency markets and trading in futures, cryptocurrencies, and options. 

Besides, the event will impress participants with the Traders Awards ceremony, giveaways with valuable prizes, coffee breaks, refreshments, and free drinks.

Author: Helen Katz