The end of the fall of 2023 is going to be busy for all members of the Web3 industry. Investors, regulators, experts, developers, and other representatives of the community will gather at various events dedicated to cryptocurrencies and different aspects of DLT to discuss FinTech innovations, recent blockchain trends, and related topics and establish new business contacts. 

CP Media offers you a list of the most significant cryptocurrency events of the second half of November with a description of their features.

Note: We recommend double-checking information about specific events with the organizers before you plan on heading there.


16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 13-19.

Location: Istanbul Congress Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

Event Type: series of events. 

Devconnect is a series of events organized by the Ethereum Foundation to promote the development of the Ethereum blockchain network. Attending Devconnect in 2023 will be interesting and beneficial for developers, researchers, members of the Ethereum community, and anyone looking to meet face-to-face with professionals working in the field. 

Devconnect consists of multiple independent events, each focusing on a specific topic, including decentralized systems, scalability, privacy, incentive mechanisms, MEV, user experience, management, and more.

Of particular note is Coworking as the backbone of Devconnect. It’s a special workspace equipped with everything needed for productive work and comfortable communication, available to event participants to share experiences, collaborate, and discuss current Ethereum issues. This is a place where attendees can get together in person and meet colleagues working on the Ethereum ecosystem’s development.

The Future of Digital Assets 

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 14. 

Location: Convene, New York, USA.

Event Type: conference

The Future of Digital Assets is a one-day event organized by Benzinga to bring together leading digital asset companies and institutional investors. The event’s target audience is those interested in digital asset investing and looking for new opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Participants will get the opportunity to interact directly with founders of Web3 projects, representatives of institutional investment funds and hedge funds, experienced crypto users, and NFT collectors.

The event will cover various aspects of digital assets related to Bitcoin, NFT collectibles, as well as the possibilities of using cryptocurrencies to pursue financial freedom.

The organizers of The Future of Digital Assets 2023 have planned plenty of possibilities for sharing experiences and networking. Guests of the event will enjoy informative speeches, roundtables, and personal meetings with leading industry figures.

Digital Assets Week London 

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 14-15.

Location: 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, UK.

Event Type: conference.

Digital Assets Week London is focused on promoting and reflecting on the role of digital assets in the financial industry. The event is aimed at a wide audience, namely traditional financial market participants, crypto service providers, representatives of FinTech platforms, investors, venture capitalists, regulators, and employees of hedge funds, private equity firms, financial institutions, banks, and trading platforms.

The event will have two key topics: bringing traditional and digital financial markets together and adapting digital assets and other Web3 technologies to the institutional environment. Participants of Digital Assets Week London 2023 will have a chance to share their experiences through presentations, discussions, and live networking.

Game On! 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 15-16. 

Location: CyberArena, Cyberport, Hong Kong.

Event Type: hybrid conference.

Game On! 2023 is a unique conference devoted to different aspects of gaming culture, art, music, and entertainment. It aims to unite gamers, digital artists, developers, investors, and everyone interested in diving into the world of iGaming. The conference will create a one-of-a-kind gaming environment to explore how new technologies are transforming the entertainment industry.

The conference will feature discussions on the following topics: 

  • marketplaces and ecosystems; 
  • GameFi — business and community; 
  • gaming;
  • creativity and IP rights; 
  • blockchain in gaming, art, music, and entertainment;
  • GameFi technologies.

Game On! 2023 promises to be an exciting and memorable event. The organizers have scheduled many different events, from interactive gaming experiments to live performances by top musicians and artists.

North American Blockchain Summit 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 15-17.

Location: Fort Worth Convention Center, Frisco, Texas, USA.

Event Type: summit.

North American Blockchain Summit 2023, organized by the Texas Blockchain Council, will gather Bitcoin, blockchain, and digital asset professionals and policy makers who are eager to understand how blockchain is impacting the North American economy.

Over 1,500 representatives from leading blockchain companies and officials from various regulatory agencies are expected to attend the event. Together, they’ll be able to articulate a unique perspective on the technology’s development within Texas and the U.S.. 

North American Blockchain Summit 2023 will feature informative sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and fireside chats where attendees will discuss a variety of aspects of the Web3 industry, including blockchain regulation, blockchain education, and the future of blockchain.

Wiki Finance EXPO Sydney 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 16.

Location: The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

Event Type: exhibition.

Wiki Finance EXPO Sydney 2023 is another exhibition of the WikiEXPO series, which is held annually to showcase important FinTech products around the world. The one-day event will attract blockchain companies, Web3 enthusiasts, ESG advocates, AI developers, and other attendees. The event will cover a variety of topics, including the future of the Forex market, digital finance, DLT projects, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

Wiki Finance EXPO Sydney 2023 is expecting over 5,000 entrepreneurs, representatives of FinTech companies, owners and key executives of Web3 projects, venture capitalists, developers, and enthusiasts from all over the world. This is a fantastic opportunity to share experiences, make new contacts, and discuss current issues in the field of financial technology.

Blockchain Jungle 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 16. 

Location: Convention Center, San José, Costa Rica.

Event Type: conference.

Blockchain Jungle 2023 is a one-day conference in Costa Rica that aims to position the country as a global hub for blockchain technology. The organizers also intend to start a “green revolution” in the blockchain space that will foster technological innovations to preserve the environment.

For conference attendees passionate about sustainability and interested in how blockchain can support environmental initiatives, the event features a host of discussions, inspiring lectures, interactive workshops, collaborative sessions, and a grand music show. More than 30 global blockchain leaders and innovators will share their knowledge and expertise. 

Blockchain Jungle 2023 will serve as a platform for innovation and collaboration to shape a blockchain-based sustainable future.

YGG Web3 Games Summit

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 18-25. 

Location: Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.

Event Type: series of events.

YGG Web3 Games Summit is the main Web3 event in the Philippines organized by Yield Guild Games Pilipinas, one of the world’s biggest Web3 communities.

The organizers have planned:

  • a two-day conference with over 90 speakers;
  • an exhibition of about 40 of the latest Web3 games;
  • a 24-hour hackathon; 
  • a gaming tournament that could attract more than 5,000 Web3 gamers;
  • dozens of side events.

Guests of YGG W3GS 2023 will be able to discover the latest and most popular blockchain games and leading Web3 gaming platforms, as well as meet and network with some of the most experienced GameFi developers from around the world.

Finance Magnates London Summit

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 20-22.

Location: Old Billingsgate, London, UK.

Event Type: summit.

Finance Magnates London Summit is an annual finance exhibition specializing in FinTech products, payments, digital assets, and online commerce. Event attendees will have plenty of opportunities to network and share knowledge. The event is attended by over 3,500 financial industry representatives on average. 

FMLS:23 is a real chance to meet leading financial tech professionals. The event features more than 150 renowned experts who will share key insights into current trends and strategies.

The main event of Finance Magnates London Summit is a premium exhibition with 120+ leading brands and national and international exhibitors. The organizers have prepared three content rooms featuring cutting-edge financial products and services, as well as special areas for networking with industry leaders, investors, and innovators to help make connections to take your business to the next level.

In addition, the London Summit Awards will take place during FMLS:23, recognizing outstanding achievements of companies in various areas of the financial market.

MoneyLIVE Payments Europe

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 21-22. 

Location: Sugar Factory, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: summit.

MoneyLIVE Payments Europe 2023 will gather opinion leaders and innovators to pave the way for the future transformation of payment systems. More than 500 participants are expected, including top executives from banks and other financial institutions. 

Over 100 speakers are scheduled to address the following topics:

  • retail payments innovation;
  • payments infrastructure;
  • digital identity and fraud;
  • the digital euro and other CBDCs;
  • wallets and other asset storage apps;
  • open banking payments;
  • payments on the blockchain;
  • the value of data.

MoneyLIVE Payments Europe will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the world of payments, share their ideas and experiences with industry leaders, and contribute to the development of payment solutions.

The World Blocktech Forum 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 21-23. 

Location: World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Event Type: summit.

Malaysia claims to be one of the world’s blockchain and crypto hubs. In this context, The World Blocktech Forum 2023 aims to foster innovation and collaboration on the fourth industrial revolution (IR4.0) and cybersecurity, helping to shape the country’s digital landscape.

The World Blocktech Forum 2023 will include workshops, panel discussions, and a variety of networking opportunities. Entrepreneurs, developers, and executives of blockchain tech companies will speak at the forum. Participants will have a chance to further explore the potential of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverses, artificial intelligence, and features of Islamic financial technologies. 

Crypto Plaza Forum

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 23-24. 

Location: Madrid, Spain.

Event Type: summit.

Crypto Plaza is Spain’s leading platform for all things related to cryptocurrencies. Crypto Plaza Forum is the fifth edition of the impressive event, where the latest innovations and valuable insights from the brightest minds in the industry and leading national and global participants of the crypto industry will be presented. 

Crypto Plaza Forum is an exclusive event filled with presentations, workshops, personal success stories, interactive activities, and plenty of networking opportunities. Only 500 people this time will be able to take part and enjoy a unique experience.

The forum will discuss hot topics such as cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, DeFi, ReFi, GameFi, DeSo, and NFTs, which will surely shape the future of the cryptocurrency environment.

World Blockchain Summit India 

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 23-24.

Location: India International Convention And Expo Center, Delhi, India.

Event Type: summit.

World Blockchain Summit India 2023 will bring together blockchain experts and leading Web3 solution providers from around the world to share best practices for tech initiatives in a rapidly changing digital world. 

Some of the planned discussion topics include: 

  • the importance of Web3 for enterprises; 
  • value creation in the Metaverse; 
  • NFT market overview and perspectives; 
  • bridging DeFi and CeFi;
  • mid-term market forecasts; 
  • regulation of crypto-assets and many other important issues.

World Blockchain Summit India is expected to attract over 3,000 attendees, 500 investors, 100 speakers, and 100 exhibitors on three stages. The event organizers plan to provide unique networking opportunities for qualified investors and industry representatives. There will also be a chance to meet global experts, get unique insights, and see cutting-edge projects and innovations in person. 

Crypto Fest 2023

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 24.

Location: Cabo Beach Club, Cape Town, South Africa.

Event Type: exhibition.

Crypto Fest 2023 promises to be an exciting event, opening up Cryptopia for exploration, a world beyond today’s society and a place where Web3 technologies and cryptocurrencies help dreams come true. The event will bring together cutting-edge technologies and the distinctive culture of one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Over 750 exhibitors are expected to attend. Additionally, event guests will meet with global experts to learn how cryptocurrencies and blockchain are transforming finance, art, music, sports, gaming, entertainment, marketing, and management. Discussions and debates on hot topics related to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverses, and DeFi are planned. 

Crypto Fest 2023 is an exciting exposition of Web3 products, an engaging NFT gallery, a fascinating immersive experience in the Metaverse, contests, and giveaways. 

Paris Blockchain Summit IV

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 25. 

Location: Étoile Business Center, Paris, France.

Event Type: summit.

Paris Blockchain Summit IV is an international event dedicated to blockchain technologies, which will bring together around 1,200 participants representing 300 companies and institutions, as well as up to 150 investors.

The event will be a day of active discussions, demonstrations, and networking in a sophisticated Parisian atmosphere. It will include 30 presentations, workshops, and panel discussions.

Attendees of Paris Blockchain Summit IV will have the opportunity to learn from global experts on the current state and key trends in the world of blockchain and meet professionals from various fields such as Web3, luxury goods, gaming, finance, circular economy, sports, and more.

Canadian Blockchain Summit 

16 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of November 2023

Date: November 30.

Location: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP, Toronto, Canada.

Event Type: summit.

Canadian Blockchain Summit is a one-day conference that will connect blockchain developers, businesses, and Web3 enthusiasts. The event is a showcase of national innovations in various industries such as asset mining and tokenization, cybersecurity, banking access, insurance, regulation, and data protection. 

The summit is scheduled to feature a number of keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats. Summit speakers include leading experts in crypto and blockchain technology.

Canadian Blockchain Summit 2023 will celebrate the achievements of the Canadian industry and provide an overview of the future of Canada’s decentralized and digital economy.

Author: Helen Katz