The fall of 2023 continues to delight with a variety of conferences, exhibitions, summits, and other events dedicated to the Web3 industry. About 50 industry and related events are planned for November. As usual, the CP Media team has selected the most interesting of them and divided the list into two parts for your convenience. 

The first part contains an overview of the 17 most significant events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies scheduled for the first half of November.

Note: We recommend double-checking information about specific events with the organizers before you plan on heading there.

World Blockchain Summit Dubai 

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 1-2. 

Location: Address Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE.

Event Type: summit.

World Blockchain Summit Dubai is part of the longest-running series of blockchain events. In 2023, this major summit will bring together experts and industry leaders to discuss DLT popularization. The summit topics range from Metaverses, DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, cryptocurrencies, and others.

The summit features an exhibition of innovative technologies, information sessions, and panel discussions with subject matter experts. Participants can also engage in private consultations with professionals and expand their business networks. World Blockchain Summit Dubai 2023 is the event that shapes the future of the Web3 industry.


17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 1-3. 

Location: Gashouder Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: festival.

MET AMS is a three-day festival connecting visionaries and developers of cutting-edge technologies. Amsterdam will showcase an array of innovative products at the crossroads of AI, AR, VR, VR, XR, 3D, Web3, and more.

Festival attendees will delve into a world of engaging information, interactive presentations, and exhibition booths presented by major brands and top tech companies.

Together with EPAM Systems, MET AMS will host the MET AMS Innovation Awards, honoring outstanding achievements in six different categories.


17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 2-3.

Location: Pullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey.

Event Type: summit.

Synopsis is a large-scale event centered on the crypto and GameFi industries. Held for the sixth time this year, the summit will once again bring together leading experts to share their knowledge and experience in 2023, contributing to the development of digital finance and Web3. The event will attract over 50 speakers and 10,000 attendees for two days. 

The event will focus on the following issues:

  • innovations in blockchain;
  • crypto exchanges and the DeFi ecosystem;
  • Metaverse technologies, GameFi, and NFTs;
  • trading and mining;
  • Web3 and AI development.

Synopsis Summit welcomes industry professionals and first-timers looking to learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

Hong Kong FinTech Week

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 2-3.

Location: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong.

Event Type: conference.

Hong Kong FinTech Week is one of the biggest FinTech industry events in Asia, bringing together over 30,000 participants, 500 speakers, and 700 exhibitors. The event serves as a platform to discuss the latest trends and innovations in financial technologies.

The main conference of Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 will feature keynote speeches from industry leaders, business sessions, and discussions. Event guests will have the opportunity to hear keynotes and presentations from CEOs, regulators, creators, and innovators who are building an era of rapid FinTech transformation.

Hong Kong FinTech Week is a unique chance to share ideas, find new business opportunities, and stay up-to-date with the latest technological advances.

Cardano Summit 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 2-4.

Location: Grand Hyatt Dubai Convention Centre, Dubai, UAE.

Event Type: summit.

Cardano Summit 2023 is a global event for blockchain industry participants, gathering over 30,000 participants from 25 countries in Dubai, including executives and founders of crypto companies, top management, and blockchain developers of Web3 projects.

Summit participants will enjoy inspiring keynotes, panel discussions, and interactive workshops, meet new projects, and dive into the world of blockchain and the Cardano ecosystem. 

Cardano Summit 2023 is a chance to present your company to a global audience, discuss the future of Web3 technologies, and join the process of the region’s digital transformation. The summit also features a variety of exclusive events, including an open-air desert dining experience and the Gala Awards Dinner.

ETH Lisbon 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 3-5. 

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Event Type: hackathon.

ETH Lisbon 2023 is a hackathon organized by the local Ethereum community in Lisbon. The event will attract leading developers to create innovative products based on Ethereum’s open source. Moreover, everyone can take part in the hackathon, including beginners and even those new to Web3.

Participation in ETH Lisbon 2023 is absolutely free and provides an opportunity to win valuable prizes. This event gives development teams a chance to create new projects. The only condition is that participants should start developing code for the contest projects directly during the event to guarantee a fair competition.

Adopting Bitcoin 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 7-9. 

Location: Crowne Plaza San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Event Type: conference.

The Adopting Bitcoin 2023 conference is targeted at a wide audience, including seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the future of FinTech. The event will bring together more than 30 speakers from all over the world. 

Adopting Bitcoin 2023 is intended to facilitate discussion on the pros and cons of integrating crypto into traditional financial systems. It’ll cover real-world examples of Bitcoin use cases, investment strategies, and innovations that support the development of the first cryptocurrency’s infrastructure and other digital assets. This conference is one of the most essential for the Bitcoin community and focuses on topics such as the Lightning Network and its global adoption.

It’s worth noting that event tickets can only be purchased with BTC. Adopting Bitcoin 2023 will be the next step in global crypto adoption, providing everyone with the opportunity to learn and collaborate within the Bitcoin ecosystem.


17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 7-10.

Location: Lisbon, Portugal.

Event Type: conference.

NEARCON 2023 is an event focused on the NEAR blockchain community, promoting the popularization of open web technology. The conference attracts over 5,000 delegates from around the world each year. NEARCON 2023 will feature keynotes from renowned economists, artists, policymakers, developers, entrepreneurs, and other experts. 

Conference attendees will discover the Blockchain Operating System (BOS) and its importance and role within the development of open blockchain networks. Presentations at NEARCON 2023 will provide information on the recent changes and trends in the Web3 space. 

The event will be an opportunity to meet, share experiences, and make new connections with projects, speakers, and members of the Web3 community from around the world. Blockchain developers will be able to participate in the hackathon and get a chance to win up to $180,000.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 8-9.

Location: Divan Kuruçeşme, Istanbul, Turkey.

Event Type: summit.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul 2023 will gather traders, project founders, institutional investors, regulators, officials, and innovators to explore the present and shape the future of blockchain technology.

Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul 2023 offers a unique opportunity to learn, make business connections, and share innovative ideas. Through presentations and hands-on workshops, participants will gain valuable insights on how to create and launch successful blockchain projects.

Among the key topics of the event are:

  1. The future of DeFi and NFTs.
  2. The impact of blockchain technology on TradFi.
  3. The role of governments in regulating Web3 technologies.
  4. Opportunities for blockchain innovations in developing countries.

On top of panel discussions and speeches, Binance Blockchain Week Istanbul 2023 will also feature an expo hall with presentations from leading blockchain projects and services.

Emerging Tech Summit — Saudi Arabia 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 8-9. 

Location: voco Riyadh, an IHG Hotel, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Event Type: summit.

Emerging Tech Summit — Saudi Arabia 2023 is a great chance to be at the forefront of innovation and develop together with the high-tech industry, expand your business network, learn about the latest tech trends, and find partners for future projects. 

The event will showcase products and services for different economic sectors: healthcare, finance, energy, tourism, logistics, education, industrial production, and others.

The Emerging Tech Summit — Saudi Arabia 2023 program includes reports on cutting-edge technologies, panel discussions, exhibitions, and presentations of products and services. Face-to-face meetings and networking with company executives, technology directors, and other key representatives from major tech organizations are scheduled.

OnMetaverse Summit

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 9. 

Location: Allianz MiCo, Milan, Italy.

Event Type: summit.

OnMetaverse Summit will be a meeting point for designers, developers, content creators, marketers, and innovators to explore the hottest trends and use cases of Metaverse technologies.

The event will span all creative aspects and business processes of Metaverse development:

  • virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies;
  • sensors and wearables;
  • artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Web3 and blockchain.

Industry pros will discuss learning experiences, digital art, remote collaboration, creative content creation, immersive marketing, and more.

During OnMetaverse Summit, plenary speeches, roundtables, fireside chats, demos, and tutorials are expected. Various entertainment and networking activities are also planned.


17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 9-12.

Location: Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Event Type: conference.

LABITCONF (Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference) is one of the largest conferences in Latin America that brings together prominent crypto experts and entrepreneurs from the region to discuss and promote the latest trends, developments, and challenges in the world of crypto and blockchain.

Expert speeches and workshops are expected, and there will be areas for demonstrations of GameFi projects and other Web3 apps.

The variety of topics and events at LABITCONF suggests that everyone, be it a professional or just an enthusiast passionate about the Web3 industry, will find something special here. The conference will focus on the philosophy behind Bitcoin, the social impact of cryptocurrencies, and the influence of blockchain technology on politics, economics, and the legal sphere. The conference places special emphasis on business and government involvement in Web3.

Staking Summit 2023

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 10-11.

Location: Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent, Istanbul, Turkey.

Event Type: summit.

Staking Summit is the world’s biggest event dedicated entirely to staking. Each year, the summit gathers hundreds of validators, protocol representatives, and venture capitalists to discuss the future of the crypto staking industry.

Staking Summit 2023 will unite the Proof-of-Stake-based protocol industry in one place and provide a platform to network and collaborate with industry leaders and pioneers in technical staking solutions.

Australian Crypto Convention

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 11-12.

Location: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Event Type: summit.

Australian Crypto Convention is one of the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain events in Australia, attracting more than 15,000 attendees this year. The event provides a unique opportunity for crypto enthusiasts, blockchain experts, and anyone interested to meet like-minded people, share ideas, and gain knowledge from the most influential figures in the industry.

Attendees of Australian Crypto Convention 2023 will be able to:

  • learn about the latest trends and developments in the cryptocurrency industry;
  • meet top experts and opinion leaders in Web3;
  • find investors and potential partners, expand the circle of business acquaintances;
  • get to know real cases of using blockchain technologies and study the most successful ones;
  • get an idea of Metaverse technologies;
  • discover new investment and trading opportunities in the digital asset market.

The summit will include presentations from speakers, interactive workshops, panel discussions, and numerous live networking events.

Web Summit

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 13-16.

Location: Pavilhão Atlântico, Lisbon, Portugal.

Event Type: summit.  

Web Summit is a meeting point for innovators and opinion leaders from the tech world. Experts from different fields will gather to exchange ideas, network, and learn new skills.

The event will cover a wide range of topics, from innovative technology and Data Science to design and environmental sustainability. Web Summit will offer different educational content, informative workshops, and roundtables. There will be a chance to find future business partners, discuss issues with experts, and develop your skills. 

Over 70,000 participants from 160 countries and active participation of major international tech companies such as Siemens, Amazon Web Services, Volkswagen, and others are expected at Web Summit.

SiGMA Europe

17 Major Crypto Events in the First Half of November 2023

Date: November 13-17.

Location: Malta.

Event Type: conference.

SiGMA Europe is a major event in the world of iGaming and affiliate marketing, attracting leaders and entrepreneurs from different countries. The event will provide a platform for participants to network and share experiences. 

SiGMA Europe organizers plan to bring together influential speakers, successful entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to discuss the hottest trends, marketing strategies, and technological developments. Attendees will learn how technology is changing the industry and what prospects it offers.

The Europe Gaming Awards is a grand gala where awards will be presented to the gaming industry’s leading figures in recognition of their achievements. In addition to awarding the most exciting and creative projects, a charity art auction will be held.

Participation in SiGMA Europe is a chance to gain valuable insights and keep abreast of the latest developments in the iGaming industry.

Author: Helen Katz