The second half of September 2023 is expected to be no less intense and busy for all participants in the Web3 industry than the first half. Crypto enthusiasts, investors, and experts will gather at conferences, exhibitions, and summits to discuss the latest blockchain innovations, FinTech developments, crypto industry trends, and other related topics.

The CP Media team invites you to take a look at the top cryptocurrency events of the second half of September with a quick look at what’s on offer.

Note: We recommend double-checking information about specific events with the organizers before you plan on heading there.


18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 18-24.

Location: Nairobi and Kilifi, Kenya.

Event Type: hackathon, conference, and festival.

ETHSafari 2023, organized by SafariDAO, will attract developers, investors, and Ethereum enthusiasts from around the world. The first part of the event will take place in Nairobi, where a Bootcathon, a two-day open-air hackathon, will be organized. Then, all participants will head off to the Kenyan coast of Kilifi, where the main conference and festival will be held.

The event will feature keynotes, panel discussions, and workshops for ETH developers on various topics, including DAO, DeFi, Gaming, NFT, smart contracts, and others connected to the Ethereum ecosystem and blockchain.

ETHSafari is a unique opportunity for the African Ethereum community to learn, network, and share ideas, designed to foster the development of local Ethereum-based Web3 projects.

Digital Assets Week Singapore 2023 

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 19-20.

Location: Bridge+, Singapore.

Event Type: hybrid conference.

Digital Assets Week Singapore 2023 is an exclusive venue for venture capitalists and institutional investors to meet cryptocurrency payment service providers. The event is dedicated to developing various solutions for working with digital assets and discussing the future of the payment ecosystem. 

Conference attendees will receive exclusive materials on the operational ins and outs of digital transformation and practical experience in implementing, operating, and optimizing different payment solutions related to digital assets. Digital Assets Week Singapore will bring together top speakers for networking, keynotes, and discussions on the institutionalization of digital assets and regulation of the actively growing DeFi space. 


18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 19-20.

Location: Shibuya Stream Hall, Tokyo, Japan.

Event Type: conference.

DCENTRAL Tokyo is Japan’s first Web3 conference, designed to connect the local digital community with global industry leaders and crypto enthusiasts.

The conference will gather Web3 enthusiasts, industry leaders, NFT artists, blockchain developers, and investors under one roof to share experiences and discuss the latest developments in the Web3 industry. The event promises to attract representatives from major Japanese brands and subject matter experts from all over the world, forming a unique environment for networking and knowledge sharing.

The main topics to be discussed are:

  • Games;
  • Metaverse: XR, AR, VR & Virtual Worlds;
  • Music, Art & Entertainment;
  • Fashion: Digital & Physical;
  • Web3: Protocols, Developers, Tools;
  • DAOs & Decentralization.

The event will feature keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and other opportunities for networking and discussion that can contribute to the industry.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 19-21.

Location: Newport World Resorts, Manila, Philippines.

Event Type: conference and exhibition.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 is a huge event about the blockchain industry that will unite international and local opinion leaders to discuss the latest trends in artificial intelligence, DLT solutions, and Metaverse adoption in gaming, financial, and banking systems. 

The event will include a keynote conference with expert speakers and presentations, as well as workshops and panel discussions. Moreover, attendees of Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 will have a chance to visit an expo where exhibitors will showcase their blockchain solutions, and visitors will be able to enjoy NFT art in a virtual gallery in the Metaverse space. The event will feature exclusive meetings with well-known experts, various master classes, and contests for startups.

Philippine Blockchain Week 2023 will open with the Metaverse Fashion Gala, which will be held one day before the main event on September 18. Famous designer Michael Cinco will demonstrate the next stage in the evolution of haute couture — digital clothes for the Metaverse space. The final touch of the event will be the special achievement awards ceremony hosted by the Blockchain Council of the Philippines, a non-profit organization, on September 22.

SBC Summit Barcelona 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 19-21.

Location: Fira Barcelona Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain.

Event Type: summit.

SBC Summit Barcelona is an event where global leaders in iGaming will gather to discuss the industry’s future, share knowledge, and establish business connections. The event has already proven to be a must-attend event among gambling industry professionals.

Around 450 industry experts will speak at the event, and participants can listen to them in eight conference rooms. This year, SBC Summit Barcelona expects to host around 15,000 industry representatives, so the exhibition area will be divided into five separate zones:

  • sports betting;
  • casino and iGaming; 
  • payments and compliance; 
  • marketing and media;
  • emerging tech, blockchain, and Metaverse.

Each area will be equipped with a conference stage, an exhibition hall, and networking areas where participants can meet fellow professionals, participate in discussions, and get acquainted with the latest specialized products and solutions for iGaming projects.

iFX EXPO Cyprus

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 19-21.

Location: City of Dreams Mediterranean Integrated Resort, Limassol, Cyprus.

Event Type: exhibition.

iFX EXPO Cyprus is a highly respected B2B FinTech event organized by the Ultimate Fintech team. The exhibition will be held at the luxury integrated resort in Limassol, Cyprus, and will gather professionals in online commerce and financial technology and services from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The event will offer retailers and wholesalers the opportunity to build business relationships with digital asset service providers, blockchain companies, payment providers, banking representatives, regulators, marketing companies, and other members of the FinTech industry. 

Event guests will attend panel discussions with industry executives and gain insights from leading international speakers. x DMEXCO

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 20-21. 

Location: Koelnmesse GmbH, Cologne, Germany.

Event Type: conference. is one of the largest conferences in Europe devoted to Web3 technologies and their use cases. The event is organized in partnership with DMEXCO, a major annual event for digital marketing and online business held in Cologne, Germany. 

The event invites participants to dive into the world of next-gen digital innovation. More than 38,000 visitors, over 50 partners, and 100 speakers are expected. offers participants an insight into the latest Web3 developments from leading corporations. The conference will feature presentations of revolutionary conceptual solutions for immersive commerce — virtual stores, 3D product visualization, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality — that are designed to improve the customer experience. 

Over the course of the two-day conference, attendees can discuss the future of the NFT marketplace, blockchain technology, and Metaverse projects, learning how leading brands use these technologies to stay competitive in an ever-changing digital environment. x DMEXCO is aimed at connecting the audience of the Web3 space with DMEXCO participants: experts, innovators, and professionals from marketing, advertising, technology, and digital solutions.

Blockchain Forum Latam 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 20-21. 

Location: São Paulo, Brazil.

Event Type: conference.

Blockchain Forum Latam 2023 is an international conference focused on the blockchain community and crypto enthusiasts in the Latin America region. The event is a platform for discussing the innovation and financial freedom that cryptocurrency has to offer. Blockchain Forum Latam 2023 is a unique venue for sharing knowledge, experiences, and business opportunities, with the main objective of promoting innovation and the adoption of new technologies in the region.

Topics to be discussed at the event include:

  • current trends in the blockchain industry in Latin America;
  • the future of the crypto industry;
  • roles and responsibilities of crypto community participants;
  • advantages of blockchain technologies;
  • interaction between cryptocurrency, traditional banks, and FinTech companies;
  • regulatory and legal aspects of crypto market regulation in the region. 

The event will bring together representatives of various spheres, including business, government, regulation, financial institutions, FinTech professionals, investors, and many others. Participants will get an opportunity to network with industry leaders and establish business partnerships. The conference will include a program with expert speakers, an exhibition area, and networking.

The Alliance

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 21.

Location: Timișoara, Romania.

Event Type: hybrid conference.

The Alliance conference is a crypto event organized by for investors and blockchain developers that gathers representatives of the crypto industry for a series of engaging discussions and networking.

The Alliance is a meeting ground for the crypto community and established leaders to share their experiences and discuss the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market. Among the main topics of the conference are:

  • applications that use cryptocurrencies;
  • NFT, Metaverses, and blockchain gaming;
  • DeFi and crypto exchanges;
  • regulatory innovations.

A live stream of the event will be available on crypto-ro’s YouTube channel.


18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 21.

Location: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Event Type: summit.

FINTECH2023, Scotland’s tenth annual FinTech Summit, will focus on the role of FinTech innovations in the country’s post-pandemic socio-economic recovery. 

The main themes of the event are: 

  1. Landscape: Cost of Living Crisis, Financial Health, Sustainability. 
  2. Customer Strategy: Engagement, Inclusion, UX, Data Insight. 
  3. Emerging Tech: Advanced Analytics, AI, ML, RPA, Blockchain, Mobile. 
  4. Regulation: GDPR, MiFID II, PSD2, Open Banking. 
  5. Infrastructure and Security.

FINTECH2023 participants can learn about the key development trends and challenges in the region’s financial market and discuss opportunities for the FinTech industry as part of the recovery from the current financial crisis. The summit will give a chance to communicate with companies operating in this sector, explore current topics, and share opinions and ideas on issues of particular importance to the FinTech industry.

Metaverse Summit 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 21-22.

Location: Paris, France.

Event Type: online summit.

Metaverse Summit 2023 is a virtual event that will bring together developers, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from 3D, VFXGaming, VR, AR, Web3, and other sectors.

Over 200 top industry experts, business leaders, and developers will speak at this conference. The summit will offer attendees a variety of sessions, workshops, and panel discussions featuring experts in the NFT and Metaverse. Among the main topics of the event are:

  • digital art and NFTs;
  • recent advances in NFT standards;
  • digital identity and 3D animation;
  • technology evolution in immersive experiences;
  • blockchain gaming and Metaverse technologies.

Metaverse Summit 2023 will provide many networking opportunities and collaborations between representatives of Metaverse projects.


18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 22-26. 

Location: Rosarito, Mexico.

Event Type: festival.

HiveFest is the eighth annual gathering of users of the Hive blockchain, ex-Steem, and its ecosystem. 

The event will immerse attendees in the Hive blockchain ecosystem, offering a unique opportunity to explore related apps, games, literature, art, and more. Furthermore, HiveFest participants will discuss hot topics and trends in the blockchain industry, forming a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and ideas.

The speakers at the event will include experts and representatives of various fields, such as developers, entrepreneurs, investors, managers, and creators of a number of innovative projects. Interesting reports, panel discussions, and much more are expected. HiveFest will give participants the opportunity to explore in detail innovative ideas and projects based on the Hive blockchain network, which are shaping the future of the blockchain space.

HiveFest organizers also offer all participants the opportunity to experience the world of Mexican parties and socialize in an informal atmosphere with dancing, mariachi, ponchos, sombreros, maracas, burritos, tacos, famous local wines, and tequila.

Blockchain Expo Europe 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 26-27.

Location: RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Event Type: conference and exhibition.

Blockchain Expo Europe 2023 is the seventh annual conference uniting the Web3 ecosystem in the European Union. Attendees will learn about the offerings of leading blockchain companies, explore the current state of the industry, and get a glimpse into the industry’s future.

The event will feature over 150 speakers and nearly 200 exhibitors presenting their solutions. Among the main topics of the conference are:

  • Business innovation through Web3 technologies;
  • Web3 apps for enterprises;
  • DeFi and digital assets; 
  • Metaverse and NFT.

The event provides plenty of networking opportunities, including a party where all attendees can reflect on their experiences at the exhibition and network with new business partners in a more informal setting.

GTIS 2.0

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 26-27.

Location: Dubai, UAE.

Event Type: summit.

GTIS 2.0 is a global summit of tech innovation in Dubai. The event will attract technical experts, crypto startups, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, policymakers, industry experts, and other influencers. 

Global Tech Innovation Summit 2023 is for anyone interested in the latest trends and innovations in areas such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain, Metaverse, digital assets, Web3, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI) and looking to learn, network, and explore new business opportunities.

The event allows attendees to gain valuable insights, learn and build partnerships, showcase their brand to a committed and interested global audience, and build their reputation in the industry.

GamingTECH CEE 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 26-27.

Location: The Ritz-Carlton, Budapest, Hungary.

Event Type: summit.

GamingTECH CEE is a summit that brings together leading representatives of the gaming industry in Central and Eastern Europe, providing them with a wealth of networking opportunities and detailing the intersection of gambling with advanced financial technologies.

The GamingTECH CEE program promises a comprehensive look at the gaming industry, covering topics from regulatory compliance to the integration of blockchain into online casinos. The summit’s main topics will also cover the cybersports and gaming industry in terms of Web3 adoption and XR/VR/AR, as well as marketing strategies that provide a holistic approach to assessing the industry’s challenges and potential.

Speakers include industry leaders, experienced lawyers, and experts in blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Participants will enjoy a range of exciting events, including the prestigious GamingTECH Awards 2023 ceremony on September 26 to recognize the industry’s top achievers.

Meridian 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 26-28.

Location: Green Patio, Madrid, Spain.

Event Type: conference.

Meridian 2023 is the Stellar Development Foundation’s fifth annual conference that will gather developers, entrepreneurs, policymakers, experts, and leaders from the DeFi and TradFi industries.

The conference is dedicated to exploring industry technologies that enable global financial inclusion through blockchain to empower people to realize their potential.

The agenda for Meridian 2023 includes keynotes, panel discussions, informal talks, demonstrations, and interactive games to delve into topics such as:

  • DeFi sector;
  • disbursement and aid delivery;
  • smart contract programming;
  • interoperability of cryptocurrencies and fiat;
  • crypto wallets;
  • sector regulation.

Meridian 2023 seeks to foster dialog between leading experts and practitioners to find new opportunities to enable greater financial inclusion.

Nordic Fintech Week 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 27-28.

Location: TAP1, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Event Type: conference.

Nordic Fintech Week 2023 will bring together over 2,000 financial technology enthusiasts in Copenhagen for two days to network, share knowledge, and explore innovations. During the conference, there will be more than 100 sessions and discussions covering important aspects of the FinTech industry. Special attention is paid to the impact of FinTech on the global economy and innovation in finance.

The organizers also invite guests to the Nordic Fintech Awards ceremony, which will be held as part of the conference. The ceremony will recognize the best FinTech businesses in the categories of New Entry, Growth, Impact, and Web3. It’ll be a great opportunity to see inspiring examples of success and innovation in the FinTech industry.

Latam Fintech Market 2023

18 Major Crypto Events in the Second Half of September 2023

Date: September 28-29.

Location: Puerta de Oro, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Event Type: conference.

Latam Fintech Market is the biggest event in Latin America dedicated to tech innovation in the region’s financial industry. The main organizer of the conference is the Colombian FinTech Association.

Latam Fintech Market 2023 will bring together more than 50 international experts who will talk about the use of technology to improve traditional financial services and processes. The main topics for discussions will be: 

  • online banking and mobile payments; 
  • peer-to-peer lending; 
  • digital wallets; 
  • financial management tools;
  • open finance;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • efficient payment systems. 

The event will include representatives of startups and reputable companies from the financial services industry. Together, they will discuss the future of payments and innovative technologies that facilitate safer and faster transactions. 

Author: Helen Katz