2022 in 10 Facts: CP Media’s Year in Review

Business | Business | 30.12.2022
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This year was momentous for us as it was our first. Our editors worked hard like clockwork, delivering up-to-date news and articles. The Academy column was our calling card, featuring all formats of content in a way that no one else does. There are plenty of accomplishments, and we think we’re entitled, at least on our first anniversary, to share some of them with our readers, viewers, and the community. 

So, let’s recap what these challenging but no less valuable 12 months have been like for CP Media’s editorial team. 

Fact #1: We Published 656 News 

2022 in 10 Facts: CP Media’s Year in Review

Our website features three key industry news stories every day. For 2022, we wrote 656 news articles that you read, discussed, and followed, keeping track of their developments and their impact on the crypto sphere. By the way, all of them were published in our three main languages: English, Spanish, and Russian. 

Fact #2: We Wrote 266 Articles & Expert Columns

Another important rule at CP Media is to delight readers with one big and detailed article every day: a learning article, an exclusive interview, or a set of useful tips for newcomers in the digital economy. Over the year, the website’s archives have been enriched with 266 articles and expert columns, covering concepts and phenomena that are relevant at any given time.  

Fact #3: The Website’s Top Rubrics Were Discovered 

There are seven main rubrics on CP Media. As of the end of 2022, it has become clear which ones get the biggest response from the community. The undisputed leader is the Academy with helpful educational materials, News occupies second place, and third is the Business section. 

Fact #4: We Made & Posted 47 Videos on YouTube

2022 in 10 Facts: CP Media’s Year in Review

We not only make text content but also shoot videos, travel to events, help with organization, design educational courses, and make graphic stories. Our YouTube channel has different playlists where you can find topics that complement those on the website. Learn about the careers of industry influencers, travel with us, find out how cryptocurrencies are viewed in different countries, learn how a particular event went — all this and more can be found here

Fact #5: We Have TikTok 

Yes, our editors got addicted to these short videos, too. Our account contains useful educational videos and simply funny stories starring our employees. Follow us, we’re having fun! 

Fact #6: Our Website’s Stats Are Going Up 

We’re no longer modest holders of several thousand site visitors a month. In November, our stats broke the milestone of 197,000 users who read news, studied articles, and subscribed to our social networks. The editors thank each and every one of you for your trust and are ready to kiss you on both cheeks as long as you’re with us. 

Fact #7: We’re Trusted to Promote 

2022 in 10 Facts: CP Media’s Year in Review

Though CP Media appeared in the crypto media sphere only a year ago, we already have commercial cases. The XDAO special project is one of the most remarkable. We have also cooperated with Binance, Crypto Snack, the NFT project Animals Red List, Allbridge, MetaLamp, SiGMA, and CoinGecko, among others. 

Fact #8: Thousands of Posts on Social Networks 

It’s crazy to think about, however, the total number of posts in three languages on our social media accounts exceeded 3,800 in 2022, not counting stories, videos, and TikToks.

Fact #9: Supporting Events 

We regularly update the industry events calendar as part of our Events rubric and compile the most interesting ones into our event sets. The editorial team is also a co-organizer of some events and a media partner of key ones. In 2022, we cooperated with over 30 organizers through media partnerships. Among them are Web Summit, SiGMA, DeGameFi, and SBC, among others.

Fact #10: Our Crypto Course Is on Udemy 

We created a basic course about the industry and posted it not only on our social networks but also on the online learning platform Udemy. As rated by 1,480 students, our course is useful, informative, and suitable for beginners, and it earned an overall score of 4.8. 

Here’s a collection of ten key points in front of you. What do you think our plans are for the coming year? That’s right — incredible ones. 

See you in 2023. We’ll get stronger, more competent, and savvier in the digital economy together. 

Your Chief Editor, Ekaterina Palianova

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