CoinsPaid: Who's on the Team?

CoinsPaid services have already established themselves as a reliable, stable and convenient tool for business. The numbers are eloquent proof of that. Here is a bit of statistics from February 2019 to August 2021:

  • more than 6 million transactions were conducted;
  • connected more than 700 merchants with a customer base of 5 million users;
  • monthly growth averaging 18,8%.

More than €1,25 billion was processed in 2020, and more than €2,3 billion was processed from mid-January to August 2021. Today, CoinsPaid processes about 5% of all Bitcoin on-chain transactions. Since 2019, the company has increased its income sevenfold, but these are just the first steps. But what are the numbers without the people behind them? It is the team that led CoinsPaid to its current success and will lead to the future. The team is the company’s essential asset, so it is vital to introduce its main actors.

Max Krupyshev, CEO

Under his leadership, CoinsPaid grew from a small startup to a large international company with over 100 employees. The selection of personnel allowed the company to grow and develop rapidly in its early stages. 

Nonetheless, Max doesn’t represent a stereotypical “overbearing” boss. He is rather a hearty manager and a lively person, which is easy to see if you scroll his Instagram. He holds daily live broadcasts, where he talks about himself, his life and shares interesting thoughts about his primary passion – crypto and decentralized finance. 

Today, the company itself functions as a big business should – without manual management by the CEO. Nowadays, Max develops general strategy and periodically holds webinars for employees, sharing his experience and energizing everyone with his optimism.

George Paliani, CEO CoinsPaid Media

An experienced business consultant and entrepreneur, he speaks six languages and is always full of energy. George leads CoinsPaid Media, PR, Content and Languages teams, through whose efforts the CoinsPaid brand is already known in all corners of the globe.

Alexander Barvinsky, CTO

Chief technical specialist, responsible for design and development of new products. He mastered the mysterious skill of OKR – the evolutionary method of modern goal-setting management. It allows reaching harmony between strategic and tactical purposes of the company, providing tracking of their realization. 

Andrei Korsak, VP of Engineering

CoinsPaid services are the work of Andrei and the specialists under his supervision. The fact that everything is in a stable working condition is their responsibility. The IT department brings together experts in blockchain, crypto and other advanced financial technologies. They are the ones who create, develop and improve the CoinsPaid ecosystem right now and will continue to do so in the future.

Ilya Shmakov, COO

Ilya is responsible for a lot of operational processes, getting into all the details. His team facilitates the integration of the CoinsPaid cryptography with client platforms, solving multiple small tasks. The characteristic “excellent client-centered service» is a credit to Ilya and his team. 

Alexander Kostenevich, CPO

Using CoinsPaid services is easy and pleasant. They are intuitive, functional and leave no questions. Such epithets concerning the final “product” is the merit of Alexander and his staff. They do not just “put their heart into it” but analyze, communicate with users and try all the innovations and developments to bring them to perfection. 

Irina Valentovich, CCO

The 700 merchants mentioned at the beginning of this article are a credit to Irina and the staff under her leadership. CoinsPaid products, of course, “sell themselves”. But there are hours of hard work behind each B2B client: presentations, negotiations, and other tiny things usually hidden from view but play an essential role in ensuring the product finds its user. 

Dmitry Ivanov, CMO

A graduate of Oxford University, a talented executive and an excellent specialist whose professional path is closely connected with crypto. He knows CoinsPaid and its customers like the back of his hand, thanks to which he is able to convey the essence of advertising communication in a concise, capacious and emotional way, delivering information about the company’s services to those who really need it.

Marilena Farrugia, Head of Finance and Business Development

Account management, debit and credit reconciliation, turning Max’s strategic initiatives into tactical moves, calculating and analyzing all pros and cons – all of that is Marilena’s responsibility, a first-rate financial operations and planning specialist. 

Maria Akulenko, Head of Legal and Compliance 

CoinsPaid has no problem with documents – this is what many crypto companies lack. From the legal point of view, CoinsPaid is a model of compliance with international laws, rules and regulations. 

Why Is the Team so Important?

The stability of any product depends directly on its internal organization. CoinsPaid is no exception. That’s why potential customers and partners need to get to know key employees and evaluate the company’s internal structure.

Author: CoinsPaid Media