In our childhoods, the first Sony Playstation and Xbox consoles appeared, we went crazy for MTV shows, chewed Turbo, and Love is… hoping to collect all the liners. We remember the Hubble telescope launch, we watched Star Wars tapes many times and couldn’t wait for Episode I. When we were kids, we went to school in Montana jeans with pockets full of POG and Tezos milk caps, and the coolest kids in school had pagers and Tamagotchis. Yes, we are kids of the ’90s.

Like any adult, we go back to our favorite years in thoughts, memories, dreams, and also in search of inspiration. CP Media’s editorial teamed up with several digital artists to create the first NFT collection. Our memories of ’90s pop culture inspired it. 

What the Collection Includes

Who Are the CP Media Millennials?

The NFTs were created with the help of digital artists from the editorial team: intro, Arccoss, Juliiettie, 404 not found, Siarhei, Planethoo, as well as TripuraMaha, Arda Baha, and Elisabeth Sweet. Each of the authors created their own memory and packed it into familiar shapes that most people associate with the ’90s pop culture. 

For example, the collection of milk caps by intro is a fantasy on the theme of what would be if cryptocurrencies had appeared in the ’90s. What kind of caps would we have played in the schoolyard?

Did you miss Tamagotchi? So did we. Now imagine if you had a turtle with a passion for martial arts in your game demanding another slice of pizza or a belligerent mini version of Darth Vader signaling that it’s time to build a Death Star. In these NFTs, our colleague and digital artist Siarhei was inspired by the beloved film and animated series.

Invited Artists

Our first drop features three wonderful digital artists we invited to be part of our first CP Media collection. 

Who Are the CP Media Millennials?

Tripura is a Los Angeles based artist. She works with 3D motion graphics and video. Her works are inspired by the relationship between the global human body and the body of nature in the future, new forms of life, chimeras, boundless bodies, and interpretations of Love.

Tripura’s works have been featured on a digital billboard in Tokyo, were represented in Digital Art Month in Paris 2022, and have been shown in several recent exhibitions: Women Of The World, NowHere gallery, New York; Plexus Projects, New York; Superchief Selects VOL.1 collection; Los Angeles; CADAF digital art fair 2022, New York, IPERCUBO gallery, Milan, Italy.

Tripura is a winner of the grant from Ruinart Art Patronat (2019) and Trust for Mutual Understanding (2018), a nominee for the Kandinsky Prize (2013).

Who Are the CP Media Millennials?

Elisabeth Sweet’s creative practice explores patterns of randomness. Rooted in poetry, coding, sound experimentation, and meditation, her series-based work questions the binary distinctions of the human mind in search of the third thing. Elisabeth’s work has been featured in Web3 literary magazine The Tickle and art studio Secret Walls. She is the Community Manager at theVERSEverse and MF Dynamics. Elisabeth holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from Columbia University and is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

Who Are the CP Media Millennials?

ARDA is an independent visual artist who delves into psychedelic realms in multiple mediums to express the depths of her emotions whose works have been featured in exhibitions both in her country Malaysia and internationally, including NFT at New York City. She believes that there is more to art than its surface value; it is a gift that is sacred as colors contain intention and messages that should be spread across the world to enlighten the collective.

Tripura created an NFT liner for Love is Gum…, ARDA made a poster dedicated to Kurt Cobain, and Elisabeth Sweet recalled one of her childhood pastimes, the Tamagotchi. 

Where to See and Buy 

Who Are the CP Media Millennials?

The collection’s first drop includes collectible cards, glass bottle caps from iconic beverages, VHS, a game console, and other artwork. There are a total of 20 NFTs in the drop, which are available on Rarible. The official presentation starts at iGB in Amsterdam on July 11. The booth number is N14. 

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Author: Ekaterina Palianova
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