Five facts about CoinsPaid 

Here are 5 facts about CoinsPaid that everyone should know. 

Did you know that CoinsPaid is an ecosystem made up of several products, helping people and businesses get the most out of the crypto market?

These include a crypto processing solution, crypto wallets, an exchange and OTC Desk, Plug & Pay, and a transaction explorer.

CoinsPaid’s flagship is our Cryptoprocessing solution. Businesses of all kinds can integrate it into their websites and platforms, allowing their clients to pay with crypto as easily as with credit cards or PayPal. As a matter of fact, CoinsPaid is the number one crypto processing provider in iGaming. 

Our Crypto Wallet supports more than 30+ cryptocurrencies and 20+ fiat currencies. Transactions between all digital and national currencies are instant and low-cost. Fiat settlements are extremely simple as well. In fact, all CoinsPaid products are user-centered, transparent, and intuitive.

CoinsPaid CEO is the passionate Max Krupyshev, a trailblazer who has been forging a path in crypto for years. He has been leading a highly enthusiastic and international team to astonishing success since 2019.

Our company has grown seven times in the past year, which is crazy considering the tough economic times we’ve been going through. We now also process more than 5% of all global Bitcoin transactions. 

It’s safe to say that the way forward has only just begun!

Author: CoinsPaid Media