CryptoProcessing has a long-standing partnership with EGB, an eSports bookmaker. We interviewed Alexander Nowak, PR Specialist at EGB, to discuss the latest trends, the history of its creation, and answer the audience’s questions about betting integrity, earning opportunities, and new directions in the sphere. 

How eSports Betting Projects Work

— What marked the beginning of the EGB story? How did you come up with the idea?

— Thirteen years ago, the eSports industry was vastly different from what it is today. There were fewer tournaments and teams, and no one paid that much money. The International was a game-changer, demonstrating to the world that eSports was a big deal. That’s when we started. Our goal was to make eSports self-sufficient. We knew firsthand how difficult it was to get sponsorship contracts. That’s why we built a website that pays for itself, along with several other teams and tournaments. On the wave of growing popularity of eSports, we’ve succeeded in many things.

— What features and benefits make EGB unique compared to other eSports betting companies?

— We aren’t afraid to try new things. We constantly release unique solutions that other bookmakers can’t afford. For example, check out our latest updates. We’ve launched Incubator that allows any user to create a live line on many events they like. This way, they can try to become a bookmaker. An older option is a game-like way of getting bonuses and perks on the website. Each user has a hero and artifacts, which makes the betting process more like a game.

— What is Incubator? How does it work, who will be interested in it, and why?

Incubator is a unique section of our website. We provide line trader functionality so that anyone, even you, can create and run lines and make money on eSports or matches. We even have statistics. Since its launch in December 2023, all users who have tried Incubator have earned $392,237. During this time they’ve created 26,896 lines. Over 200 people have tried this section. For some, Incubator has become their main job, where they earn an average of $2,500 per month.

The section is completely autonomous. Users deposit from $200, which determines the betting limits for the lines they create. And they can create lines on any matches they want. The deposit is required so that everyone who bets is safe and gets their money.

Basically, Incubator is suitable for those users who successfully bet on various eSports and sporting events. Such players usually experience some restrictions, but in Incubator, there are no limits. Here they can freely earn money on their ability to correctly analyze matches.

How eSports Betting Projects Work

— How do you ensure the security and integrity of bets and competitions, especially given the rapid technological development?

— We believe that this issue is becoming less prominent, as numerous methods for detecting fraud have emerged. Nowadays, everyone is aware of players and teams involved in such activities and simply prefers not to set odds for them. If you take a look at our unique feature, ladder match betting, it’s even easier since everything happens directly on our website. We can always cancel a game or ban a user for dishonest betting to prevent them from engaging in such activities further.

— How does your team process and analyze user feedback? How does this information contribute to platform improvements?

— We have a regular section called “Hidden Temple” where users can ask any question. We read each of them and about once a month give an answer in a special article. This is very helpful, because users often suggest something new and give constructive criticism.

— When did you start accepting cryptocurrencies? How has this decision influenced the platform’s development?

— We were among the first to accept crypto in the form of Bitcoin. I remember back then, BTC was worth only $500. At the moment, we accept any kind of cryptocurrency and believe that this is the most convenient way to send and receive payments. We’re confident that more and more people will choose this method of depositing and withdrawing funds as they become familiar with it. One of the trusted crypto processing service providers is CryptoProcessing. The payment system has been active for approximately four years. We appreciate this partnership for its low fees, convenient currency conversion, availability of both manual and automatic payments, and a support team with live operators.

— How do you see EGB’s role in the further development of the eSports industry, and what goals do you set for yourselves?

— Recently, eSports has been regionalized, with each region developing its own discipline, making things more complicated. Especially when competitors who have just entered the market start investing a lot of money without understanding where a certain discipline predominates. This leads to inflated costs and an overheated market.

We’re about to enter the sports betting market in the next few months. We believe that our technical developments will help the larger sports betting market as well.

— If you could add bets on the matches between any two streamers, who would they be, and in which game would you prefer to see their rivalry?

— We can add matches between any streamers regardless of their discipline. There are no difficulties for us in that. But let me answer this question a bit differently. We’d like to watch and add to the website the showdown between two famous eSports players and Dota 2 streamers: Wang “Ame” Chunyu and Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi. Unfortunately, due to their busy schedule and different regions, their clashes in the ladder are extremely rare.

— What special events or promotions do you host for customers outside of the main gaming content to support and grow the EGB community?

— Speaking of events that aren’t our main focus, we can highlight our assistance in the formation and development of new eSports disciplines. As an example, I can mention the recent cooperation with the tournament studio Heroes Hub. It includes several enthusiasts who devote their free time to Heroes Might and Magic III. It’s a 1999 game that still has loyal fans and a substantial community of about 100,000 people. However, the game has never hinted at eSports. By sponsoring and assisting Heroes Hub, we’ve already held several tournaments in this discipline, attracting a huge number of new viewers. We plan to develop this direction further.

How eSports Betting Projects Work

— If you could add bets on completely new activities or events not related to eSports, what would it be?

— We’re working on a full-fledged sports betting section. Right now, we have the best eSports lineup, and soon we’ll have a sports lineup that is as good as the other major bookmakers.

— Can you share the most unusual or amusing success stories of EGB users?

— If we look at the casino section, the system automatically publishes big wins directly on the Casino page on our website. To the best of my memory, the largest win was around $450,000.

Regarding bets, the results are much more modest, since it’s impossible to achieve the same large multipliers as in the casino. However, wins from $2,000 to $10,000 happen regularly.

I can also share the successes of our Incubator users. There, people earn about $2,500 per month on average, with the record being $6,568 in a month.

Author: Ekaterina Palianova
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