How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

Business | 26.05.2022
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Edward Ackins, Chief Editor at Bitcoin Casino Top, shared his thoughts on the future of the gambling sphere, spoke about the difference between online and regular casinos, and which partners will help the project provide high-quality and detailed reviews on games and brands.

— So, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into this field? And give brief information about your team: who is responsible for what, what departments exist? 

— It’s hard to give a specific date when I decided I wanted to get into gambling. I worked as a Sales Manager at a small company during the day and when I went home in the evenings, I would play online poker, blackjack, and sometimes roulette. It was a way to take a break from the stuffy office and just do what I loved to do. As time went by, it seemed to me more and more that I was pretty good at casino card games. I could and, most importantly, wanted to share my experience with other players. 

Now, our team at Bitcoin Casino Top consists of eight people: CEO, Editor-in-chief, Copywriter, Marketing Manager, PR Manager, Programmer, Designer, and Affiliate Manager. For complex analytical projects, we bring in extra specialists we’ve been successfully cooperating with for a long time: gambling specialists, journalists, crypto financiers, bank auditors, and other active members of the gambling and crypto communities.

— What do you say to your friends about the project? What makes it different from others? 

How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

— BitcoinCasinoTop is primarily media about the right choice of brand, location, game, and strategy. We always test the games or brands presented on our website. We firmly believe that the best expertise is our own. Our main advantage is a thorough and highly professional approach to the materials you can find on the website. Our ratings are the result of years of experience in working with all kinds of online crypto casinos. 

Speaking about brand reviews on the website, we closely cooperate with brand representatives, often with the owners, in order to provide our readers with the most complete and reliable information.

— What’s the difference between an online casino and a regular one, besides the atmosphere and the white-shirted croupier? 

How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

— At least in terms of convenience (laughs — ed.). You don’t have to iron your favorite suit to play in a casino. What do we all gamble for? For fun and a share of the excitement. Modern online casinos long ago ceased to be inferior to the real ones regarding the emotion factor. Due to the ever-increasing competition, online casinos give you a more loyal attitude and bonuses that you’ll never get at real casinos. As for the white shirt, I don’t agree. Online casinos have a whole trend of live games. Here you can interact with a live dealer just like at a real casino. There are a lot of dealers, and you can choose the table not only by the game type or deposit amount but also by gender, age, or the shirt of the dealer you like. Live games, just like real casinos, welcome live interaction.

— How has gambling changed in the last few years? What do you think is in store for the industry in the near future? 

How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

— Gambling has been digitized a lot. You wouldn’t have been able to find anything like this online ten years ago. Today, this story is becoming mainstream. In many countries, playing at online casinos has become not only legal but also prestigious. You can pick up your phone almost anywhere in the world and spin your favorite slots, play poker or blackjack with friends, colleagues, or just random players for any popular fiat or cryptocurrency. It’s safe to say that gambling is heading down the same path betting took just a few years ago in the UK. Over the last couple of years, it has become an integral part of most citizens’ lives in this country.

— What companies do you work with and in what areas? 

How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

— We partner with slot certification companies like GLI and iTechLabs to provide readers with reliable information about the legitimacy of the games they may encounter at crypto casinos. We are also in constant contact with local state regulators to respond promptly to innovations that may affect the legality of the brands featured on our site and player safety. 

We try to contribute to the development of crypto gambling globally by participating in various exhibitions and conferences by Sigma and iGB. This allows us to interact with top brand executives and government representatives who are in charge of regulating the gambling industry around the world. 

When it comes to crypto processing, we fully trust CoinsPaid. This service has proven to be reliable, safe, and convenient for players, brands, and affiliates. When choosing a payment or withdrawal method, the main factor is precisely the speed that CoinsPaid ensures, and in combination with the reliability and popularity of this brand, gambling market participants using this service get an undeniable competitive advantage. Moreover, CoinsPaid offers minimal commissions, a significant feature since payments in our industry come in all sizes, from cents to millions of dollars, allowing market players to interact with each other through payments in almost all cryptocurrencies available today with minimal fees. 

We keep in touch with payment services that are popular among online casino players, such as PaySafeCard, Skrill, Neteller, Interac, and EcoPayz. It helps us inform the brands about the changes in working conditions with these payment services and provide players with up-to-date information. Last but not least, working with game software providers, from whom we get insider information about the future novelties and current technologies for upcoming game releases. This is essential because the sphere doesn’t stand still and we regularly get an influx of new games, for example, with 3D or VR technologies. 

— We all understand that in the gambling industry the level of scam projects is high. Can you tell us how to determine what ordinary users should pay attention to in order to avoid falling into scams? What distinguishes a real and professional gambling project from those looking for a quick profit? 

— Unfortunately, there are indeed many unscrupulous brands in the field of online casinos, especially in its crypto part. This is exactly why we need sites with a high level of trust and quality reviews, such as BitcoinCasinoTop. They will help the average player save time in finding a reliable and trusted brand that won’t disappear at the first payout request. If we talk about how to distinguish a trusted online crypto casino from a scam, we recommend you use the methods that we use ourselves. 

First of all, check the license. Many countries require a special local license. In countries like the United States, it’s required at the level of individual states, as in some countries, gambling isn’t prohibited or allowed, while in others, it’s banned completely. There are many countries where gambling doesn’t require a local license, so-called global licenses are enough, like the Curacao license or MGA. Therefore, the license is the first and most important factor in your choice.

The second factor is the brand age and its trust. As a rule, scam projects don’t last long, so if you want to reduce the likelihood of falling for scammers, study the brand’s history to which you plan to transfer your money. If the casino has a good history and reputation, the chances of being scammed will be minimal.

Third — reviews. Websites like ours often write reviews on popular online casinos, whether they are crypto or fiat. Therefore, the more reviews you find for a given brand, the more likely it is to be a really popular casino and, therefore, more reliable.

Fourth — testimonials. This is a trivial but reliable way to check whether a brand can be trusted. Online casinos planning to stay on the market for a long time value their reputation, so they usually handle negative testimonials to satisfy the players. That’s why trusted brands are mostly dominated by positive or neutral reviews.

Fifth — the work of the support service. The quality of the support team plays a significant role in identifying scam projects. Everything is logical here. If you promote the project solely to steal money from your players, will you pay enough attention to the support team? Probably not. At the same time, brands that plan to stay on the market for a long time most often provide a high-quality 24/7 support team, ready to help with any questions.

— What do you think is the main problem of gambling at the moment?

How to Identify Scam Projects in Gambling, Take Part in Live Games, and What the Future Has in Store for the Sphere?

— If we talk about online gambling, I consider the main problem to be the drastically different rules in different markets. In some countries, you can play with almost no restrictions, while in others, everything is forbidden. It doesn’t seem to work that way in today’s online world. If I’m an Australian player, where gambling is banned, and I want to play at an online casino, I’ll just do it anyway. I would like to see clear and understandable global rules for everyone. The Internet erased the borders between countries long ago; it’s just that the powers that be don’t want to admit it yet. 

The same problem applies to playing with cryptocurrencies. Different states have absolutely different attitudes towards crypto; some regulate it, some forbid it, and some prefer to ignore it. But all this doesn’t change the fact that cryptocurrencies, like online gambling, continue to grow every year. I am convinced that in this decade, we will see the world of cryptocurrencies closely intertwined with gambling, and both will become legal and quite natural in all developed countries.

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