Chief Editor of CoinsPaid Media provides some insight into what the team has been up to in the last year. She also discloses what readers will be able to find within the pages of CoinsPaid Media.

A big day and milestone in the team’s ongoing development took place. The CoinsPaid Media project had its official launch. We’re happy that we achieved this goal in 2021, which was a moment where our small team of creative and crypto-oriented individuals crossed the first finish line. We’ll hold these initial days of our organization in our memories. And, I’m sure that one day I’ll look back and miss it. It took us quite a while to piece together our love of traditional media, contemporary culture and the digital economy. We discussed at great lengths what the rubric pages should be, brushing them up, gathering opinions and promoting ideas. We designed courses, created videos, and stayed awake for days and nights. All that so CoinsPaid Media could take the form it has today.

We put in all that we could muster. And now our responsibilities are even more complex. Our mission is to release news, articles, useful tips and columns with all kinds of opinions about the industry like clockwork. With us, you’ll never feel an ounce of boredom.

Our work was on target like a missile in bringing the most convenient and helpful media possible for those with no time-management trouble. The last thing is to bombard subscribers with dozens of messages, distracting them from their work. We don’t cling to your attention with daily emails. 

CoinsPaid Media is a loyal friend that brings you front-page news, tips on how the digital economy works, where the best crypto get-togethers are and the benefits of working with whatever solutions exist in the marketplace. Sometimes we’ll goof around and encourage our readers to join us. 

CoinsPaid Media focuses on seven main thematic sections, as read hear below: 

  • Academy

Cognitive content in various formats, from flashcards to video guides. Here we provide useful life hacks on how to use cryptocurrencies and choose payment processing, articles about popular, strange and little-known cryptocurrencies, etc. 

A large part of this section is devoted to guides and flows on how a client, a merchant or a personal user can use the CoinsPaid ecosystem and its solutions. 

Our Academy courses will help a wide breadth of individuals: from those who are just starting their journey with the digital economy or for others who want to enhance their valuable crypto skills in crypto and related areas to earn more and be more efficient in the market. 

  • Forecasts

Here we publish various materials related to market predictions, collect expert interviews and provide opinions based on numerous industry projects. 

  • News 

We provide relevant and noteworthy news that happens in the industry. You can consider it as your trusted and unbiased source for daily news from the world of the digital economy, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFTs and more. 

  • Bitcoin

We have a separate page dedicated to Bitcoin and altcoins. Here we discuss news about the original cryptocurrency and its current and future market behaviors.

  • Business

We also publish information related to companies, new launches, controversial starts, contracts, reviews, liquidity analytics, etc. It will also contain best lists, comparisons, stories of iconic companies and people associated with them.

  • Events

Upcoming event information, partner press releases, job opportunities from partner companies and useful work toolkits can be found in this area.

  • Columns 

We bring you the words of some great minds in our community and industry. These authors will make up our columns section.. We serve as a platform for posting different opinions expressed by authors, representatives of partner companies and opinion leaders in the crypto industry. 

CoinsPaid Media is on social networks as well. Our accounts are fun and interesting, so don’t forget to subscribe. 

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See you soon!