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Blockchain Week Berlin 2024

Berlin, Germany

Blockchain Week Berlin 2024 (#BBW24) is a decentralized independent initiative organized by representatives of the European crypto community. Blockchain Week Berlin will consist of a series of independent events taking place from May 18 to 27, 2024 in the German capital. 

The key events of Blockchain Week Berlin 2024 include conferences and hackathons, such as:

  • Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt.2, an event for blockchain devs who use programming languages Rust, Solidity, and Golang. Organizers are teams of Web3 projects Jobited and Peer Network PSE. Date: May 18. Location: hubraum, Deutsche Telekom’s technology incubator. 
  • DAPPCON 24, an annual conference for Ethereum developers focused on building infrastructure projects and decentralized apps. The organizer is the community of the blockchain project Gnosis. Date: May 21–23. Location: Radialsystem.
  • DE:PIN DAY BERLIN, a conference on decentralized physical infrastructure (DePIN) and decentralized computing. The organizer is Fluence & 1kx. Date: May 22. Location: to be announced. 
  • Blockchain meets AI, a conference organized by Berlin’s largest Web3 community to celebrate its fifth anniversary, BerChain’s 5th Anniversary. The program also includes speakers, presentations, discussions and debates on blockchain, artificial intelligence, international regulatory issues, and networking in an informal setting. The organizer is BerChain. Date: May 23. Location: w3.hub.
  • Safe{Con} 2024, a conference aimed at more mass adoption of decentralized applications and the development of smart account technology and self-custody solutions for digital assets. The organizer is the blockchain project community Safe. Date: May 23. Location: Spindler & Klatt.
  • Finoa’s Digital Asset Summit, an exclusive event for industry representatives featuring expert keynotes, panel discussions, and networking. Attendance is by invitation only. The organizer is Finoa. Date: May 23. Location: Finoa Headquarters. 
  • Brew Web3 Conference, a conference for Web3 developers who build protocol-agnostic products. It’s planned to discuss infrastructure, technologies, regulation, and practical implementation of decentralized projects. The organizers are Matters, a Berlin-based Web3 community. Date: May 23. Location: Mitosis LAB.  
  • AI x Hope, a summit dedicated to artificial intelligence and the future of the global network. The event will feature keynotes from prominent members of the Web3 industry, such as Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of the NEAR protocol, as well as researchers, developers, and venture capitalists. Attendance is by pre-registration only! The organizers are decentralized autonomous organization Seed Club Ventures, non-profit organization Foresight Institute, and decentralized AI protocol Newcoin. Date: May 24. Location: Molecule Offices. 
  • ETHBerlin04, a hackathon, cultural festival, educational event, platform for hacktivism, and public initiative focused on developing the decentralized ecosystem. The organizer is the Ethereum community. Date: May 24–26. Location: CIC Innovation Center. 
  • DeSci Berlin, a conference devoted to decentralized science (DeSci). The program includes expert presentations on all aspects of this field, from innovative ways to fund research to conceptualization and management of biotech DAOs (BioDAOs). Attendance is free, but pre-registration is required. The organizer is NFT marketplace for research funding Molecule. Date: May 23–24. Location: Molecule Offices. 
  • AwesomWasm Hackathon, a hackathon dedicated to the development of CosmWasm, a modular cross-chain platform for smart contracts operating within the Cosmos ecosystem. Pre-registration is required. The organizer is Confio. Date: May 28–30. Location: w3.hub.

It’s worth noting that these are not all the events planned as part of Blockchain Week Berlin 2024. In total, 31 events in nine different locations are scheduled over the course of ten days, along with a series of side events. Additionally, the list of events may change as the date approaches, so it’s strongly recommended to stay updated.

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