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Crypto VIP Side Event by ArbitrageScanner.io

Dubai, UAE

A private event from the Arbitrage Scanner team for VIP guests and clients of the service. This is a side event of the Blockchain Life 2024 conference, one of the largest industry events of this season.

The format of the ArbitrageScanner event is networking in an informal atmosphere. The location is a three-story villa with a swimming pool. Discussions on topical issues, presentation of successful cases, and expert reports will dominate the agenda. Organizers promise unique insider information that will never be published in the media.

The event will focus on the following topics:

  • search for profitable projects; 
  • market analysis; 
  • on-chain analytics; 
  • crypto arbitrage; 
  • investment strategies; 
  • future trends of the crypto market and others. 

Participants will include major figures of the Web3 industry, experts in blockchain analysis and arbitrage trading, traders with capital over $5 million, representatives of crypto exchanges and funds from tier 1 countries, opinion leaders, and ArbitrageScanner clients.

In addition to productive communication, guests will be welcomed with unlimited refreshments, drinks, and hookah. To get to the event, you need to register on the ArbitrageScanner.io website and subscribe to the service. Prices and details on different tickets can be found on the website.

The number of tickets is limited, so apply in advance! Early registration offers free passes, including for VIP persons.

For the record: ArbitrageScanner.io is a platform offering tools for on-chain analysis and crypto arbitrage. The platform tracks spreads between 20 different blockchain networks, including Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and others, as well as over 60 DEXs and local and global CEXs. Among other services, ArbitrageScanner provides AI tools for wallet analysis, an information monitoring bot, blockchain anomaly detection, and much more. 

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