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ETHDenver 2024

Denver, USA

The fifth annual ten-day innovation festival, organized by the decentralized community SporkDAO. The event is primarily dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem but also covers blockchain technologies and Web3 developments.

The festival has three main parts, namely:

  1. BUIDLWeek (February 23–28) is a five-day conference with several technical presentations, master classes, awards, and mini-summits. 
  2. Main Event (February 29 – March 3) is an activity connecting over 20,000 SporkDAO community members. It features panel discussions, workshops, hackathons with valuable prizes, and a project fair.
  3. MTN Retreat (March 4–7) is an informal networking event while skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado. In addition to entertainment, guests will enjoy fireside chats and networking with major industry representatives.

ETHDenver is an international forum. Every year, blockchain enthusiasts who believe in a decentralized future gather for ten days. The festival’s atmosphere encourages the development of innovative concepts and solving technological challenges the Ethereum community faces.

Traditionally, the festival includes a nine-day hackathon — BUIDLathon. Anyone wishing to participate can apply and work in teams of 2 to 4 to create a new Web3 product under the guidance and mentorship of famous Ethereum developers. The most advanced ideas and startups will attract sponsors’ attention and receive community support.

The festival invites all programmers, designers, and marketers taking their first steps in Web3 technologies to participate in a free educational initiative called Camp BUIDL. In Camp BUIDL, they can deepen professional knowledge and improve skills in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies, and the Ethereum ecosystem. 

ETHDenver is free to attend for the SporkDAO members. For everyone else, regular tickets cost $599, and VIP tickets cost $2,500.

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