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Ethereum Community Conference

Brussels, Belgium

The seventh Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) is the largest annual European event dedicated to the Ethereum ecosystem, technologies, and community. With over 250 speakers from around the world, the conference will feature educational lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and an exhibition of Web3 projects.

Organized by Ethereum France (formerly ASSETH), a French non-profit organization that promotes blockchain and Ethereum across French-speaking countries, the event aims to unite key players in the ecosystem of the largest altcoin. EthCC is a must-attend for developers, investors, researchers, Web3 startup representatives, and anyone interested in Ethereum and blockchain.

Conference topics are:

  • European regulation; 
  • blockchain network scalability;
  • development of Layer 3 (L3) protocols;
  • smart contract development;
  • decentralized applications (dApps);
  • security issues;
  • decentralized finance (DeFi);
  • NFTs and more.

Renowned speakers will cover various topics, including:

  • Hudson Jameson, VP at Polygon Labs;
  • Maika Isogawa, Founder and CEO at Webacy;
  • Lisa JY Tan, Founder at Orus;
  • Matthias Egli, Co-Founder and Principal at ChainSecurity;
  • Andrea Canidio, Senior Research Economist at CoW Protocol;
  • Ansgar Dietrichs, Researcher at the Ethereum Foundation;
  • Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach, Senior Researcher at Flashbots;
  • Kaven Choi, Business Development & Developer Relations at Etherscan.io.

EthCC promises to be a significant event for the Web3 industry, providing a platform for opinion leaders, developers, and regulators to exchange knowledge and experiences, as well as to establish new professional connections in the blockchain space. Ticket prices range from €125 to €1,250, with free admission available for students, volunteers, and community participants. More details can be found on the official website.

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