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Dubai, UAE

TOKEN2049 Week is one of the largest annual crypto events. It provides a unique opportunity to meet leaders of the cryptocurrency world, exchange experience, and get inspired by new ideas. The flagship event of this week is the TOKEN2049 conference, which will attract the attention of major entrepreneurs, investors, Web3 industry leaders, and global media, guaranteeing an unprecedented experience for all attendees.

TOKEN2049 organizers expect around 10,000 participants in 2024, representing about 5,000 companies from over 100 countries. The organizers promise to create conditions for fruitful networking, forming new partnerships, and launching projects. Seminars, speeches, presentations, demonstrations of innovative products, and much more are also planned.

The main topics slated for discussion are:

  • Web3 gaming;
  • decentralized finance (DeFI);
  • artificial intelligence; 
  • blockchain network scaling;
  • regulatory issues;
  • macroeconomics and much more.

TOKEN2049 will gather leading crypto experts so that participants can learn from the experience of the most influential opinion leaders. More than 200 speakers have been announced, including:

  1. Balaji Srinivasan, ex-CTO of Coinbase, Co-Founder of Earn, Counsyl, Teleport, Coin Center, and Business Angel; 
  2. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon; 
  3. Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether; 
  4. Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder of 100x Group and CIO of Maelstrom; 
  5. Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder of Chainlink; 
  6. Roger Ver, Founder of Bitcoin.com;
  7. Raj Gokal, Co-Founder and Board Member of the Solana Foundation;
  8. Raoul Pal, Co-Founder and CEO of Real Vision Group and many others.

The CoinsPaid team will participate in the event. To schedule a meeting with the company representatives, follow the link.

The primary goal of TOKEN2049 is to contribute to the development of the global crypto community. The event organizers go beyond regional boundaries and strive to create a business network on a global scale, providing comprehensive coverage of the Web3 ecosystem and its immense potential.

The ticket price for Happy Bird is $999. Tickets to the conference can be paid for in both U.S. dollars and cryptocurrencies.

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