Airdrops of October 2023

Only three blockchain projects have announced their plans to give away tokens to users in October. However, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be enough opportunities to get crypto for free this month. 

CP Media offers to read about the airdrops of October and several interesting token giveaways that aren’t limited to certain timeframes.

Note: The information below doesn’t contain financial, investment, or trading advice. CP Media strongly recommends doing your own research on the listed projects before participating in token giveaways.

We also advise you to read the checklist that can help you analyze the proposed projects.

In October 2023, the following crypto projects will hold airdrops:

NameTokenNetwork, token standardNumber of tokens participating in the giveawayConditions to receive tokensGiveaway deadline
BitfinderBITFEthereum300,000 BITFSubscription on social networks and referral link sharingOctober 10
BybitUSDTEthereum80,000 USDTParticipation in Cancun Supreme Scorer tournamentOctober 13
CelestiaTIAEthereum60 million TIAParticipation in blockchain network block generationOctober 17


Airdrops of October 2023


Deadline: October 10.

Bitfinder is a search engine developed to provide up-to-date information on digital assets to help users make investment decisions. 

The airdrop includes native tokens of the BITF project, giving their holders access to exclusive features of the platform and participation in the project’s DAO. The Bitfinder team will give away 30,000 BITF tokens among 75 random participants.

To get the tokens, you need to:

  1. Go to the giveaway page and register.
  2. Enter in your user profile the address of a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.
  3. Follow the project’s account on X (ex-Twitter) and retweet the giveaway post.
  4. Join the project community on Discord and Telegram.
  5. Subscribe to the project’s accounts on TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

On October 10, the project’s team will randomly select 75 participants who have met all the conditions and will transfer 4,000 BITF tokens worth about $400 to each of them. Besides, each airdrop participant will get a referral link and earn 3% from the purchases of the users they attracted.

Cancun Supreme Scorer 2023

Airdrops of October 2023


Deadline: October 13.

Crypto exchange Bybit is holding an 80,000 USDT giveaway for the upcoming Ethereum Cancun update. Participants can get tokens by predicting price movements. 

To do so, you need to:

  1. Register on the Bybit platform or log in to an existing account.
  2. Go to the Cancun Supreme Scorer event page.
  3. Collect points awarded for making non-zero fee trades, increasing trading volume, using Grid Bots, and referring new users to Bybit. 
  4. Freeze the desired number of points as a bet for predictions.
  5. Predict the price movement of eight different token pairs over rounds that last 60 minutes. The pairs will change after each round.
  6. Correct predictions will double or even quadruple the frozen points, depending on the performance of the pair, while wrong predictions will result in the loss of the bet.

Rewards will be distributed as follows:

  • 20,000 USDT will be divided among participants who score more than 3,000 points;
  • the top 200 predictors will receive 150 USDT each;
  • the top five predictors will receive an additional 300 USDT.

The organizers have also provided extra incentives for all participants. Thus, every Bybit user who registers on Cancun Supreme Scorer will receive 50 points, and every new user of the crypto exchange will receive 200 points if they deposit over $100 on the platform within a week after registration.


Airdrops of October 2023


Deadline: October 17.

Celestia is an innovative modular platform designed to simplify the deployment of blockchain networks and smart contracts. Its key features are high performance achieved through task distribution, enhanced data validation techniques, and the ability to support decentralization.

The airdrop involves the TIA native token, which plays an important role in funding and managing the platform. The project’s team plans to give away 60,000,000 tokens.

To participate in the giveaway, you need to:

  1. Go to the airdrop website.
  2. Click “Check TIA eligibility” and enter the address of a wallet that supports ERC-20 standard tokens.
  3. Create a TIA address on the Mocha-4 testnet via the Keplr or Leap crypto wallet apps.
  4. Click “Claim TIA” to start generating Celestia blocks.

The prize pool will be divided equally among all participants of the airdrop.

Airdrops of October 2023 and Interesting Token Giveaways

Some interesting airdrops that aren’t limited to October have also caught CP Media’s attention. These include the following:

NameTokenNetwork, token standardNumber of tokens participating in the giveawayConditions to receive tokens
Post.TechPOSTEthereumReposting on social networks
Rake.comRAKEEthereum65 billion RAKEReposting on social networks and attracting new participants
BinanceUSDTEthereumParticipation in the Trading Fee Credit program

Let’s look more closely at these projects and find out how to get the tokens involved in giveaways.


Airdrops of October 2023


The new DeSo protocol Post.Tech is a social Web3 network based on the Arbitrum blockchain. In addition to being able to buy and sell tokenized X accounts, the platform plans to implement the option to trade individual posts, turning social media content into assets.

To get free POST tokens, which the project team plans to distribute to the first participants of the Post.Tech ecosystem, you need to:

  1. Go to the Post.Tech website and register with a Google or X account.
  2. Link your X account to the platform and enter one of the referral codes to unlock exclusive features.
  3. Earn points by publishing tweets mentioning the POST token, Post.Tech’s social media, or airdrop link.

You can also earn rewards from Post.Tech by joining the protocol’s community on Zealy and earning experience points for completing quest tasks. The top five leaders on Zealy will share the $1,000 prize.

Airdrops of October 2023

Website: is a licensed iGaming platform registered in Curaçao. The project offers a variety of online casino options and betting services.

The project’s team is conducting the RAKE token giveaway. 65 billion tokens will be distributed within the airdrop, which is 65% of the total supply. The estimated value of the assets participating in the distribution is $6.5 million. 

To participate in the airdrop, you need to:

  1. Launch the Telegram bot Rake Airdrop.
  2. Follow the project’s account on X and tweet about the company.
  3. Follow the X accounts of the project’s co-founders.
  4. Like and share the company’s tweet and tag three friends in the comments below it.
  5. Join the project’s Telegram channel.
  6. Create an account in the app’s test environment and enter the address of a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens.

Each participant who has completed the above steps will receive 35,000 RAKE tokens. If friends mentioned in the comment also join the airdrop, the participant will receive another 5,000 tokens for each of them. 

Trading Fee Credit

Airdrops of October 2023


Crypto exchange Binance offers a unique opportunity for new users to receive a trading fee credit of 100 USDT. To do this, you need to:

  1. Create an account on Binance.
  2. Deposit more than $50 into the account within 14 days after registration.

Each user will receive 100 USDT that can be used to pay trading fees. 

Note that only members who confirm their identity by passing the KYC procedure within seven days after making a deposit will be able to use the reward.

Author: Nataly Antonenko
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