ICO List for October 2023
Despite expectations, the previous month wasn’t very productive in terms of ICOs, and most projects postponed raising investments to October. So, out of over 30 ICOs planned for September, only a tenth of them were held.

CP Media has prepared an up-to-date list of ICOs scheduled for October and reviewed some of the most interesting projects. We’ve divided the list by sector for convenience, and within each sector, we’ve taken a detailed look at one project we find most interesting.

Note: The information below doesn’t contain financial, investment, or trading advice. CP Media strongly recommends doing your own research before deciding to participate in any of the listed ICOs.

We also advise you to read the checklist that can help you analyze the proposed projects.

DeFi Sector ICOs Planned for October

ICO List for October 2023

In September, only a few decentralized finance projects raised investments through ICOs, and four planned crowdsales were postponed until October.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
Solak GPT A decentralized Web3 browserSGPTBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.00722.5%
SpinA multi-chain DEXSPFINEAR$0.0536.5%
Muon NetworkA decentralized network of oraclesMUONEthereum (ERC20)
Themis A decentralized lending protocolTMSEthereum (ERC20)

Solak GPT

Website: https://solak.app/

SolakGPT is an AI-based decentralized Web3 browser with a built-in DeFi platform for asset trading, lending, and NFT minting.

A unique part of SolakGPT is Solak Text to NFT, a feature that allows writers and authors to monetize their experience. Any printed text, be it poems, stories, articles, or any other form of textual content, can be converted into unique digital assets through SolakGPT. NFTs generated in this way can then be sold or exchanged on trading platforms. 

SolakGPT is supported by Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.


The company opens a crowdsale of the native token SGPT, which is the heart of the ecosystem. It can be used to pay commissions within the network and be staked for passive income.

The SGPT token distribution:

  • Staking Rewards — 27%;
  • Liquidity & MMs — 18%;
  • Private Sale — 14%;
  • Public Sale — 3.5%;
  • Marketing — 8%;
  • Strategic Investors — 5%;
  • Development — 7%;
  • Team & Advisors — 10%;
  • Treasury — 7.5%.

As part of the ICO, the company plans to sell 775,000,000,000 tokens, which is 22.5% of the total offering of 1,000,000,000,000. 

Project Features

According to the project’s white paper, users can earn SGPT tokens in the following ways besides purchasing:

  • As a reward for web browsing on the SolakGPT browser and online activity.
  • By making transactions on the DeFi platform, including NFT trading, liquidity staking, liquidity provision, and borrowing.
  • By minting NFTs on the platform.
  • By participating in the referral program.

Blockchain Sector ICOs Planned for October

ICO List for October 2023

Raising funding via ICOs in October is planned by all the same blockchain projects as in September. Their crowdsales have been rescheduled.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
Backstage A blockchain platform for organizing eventsBKSEthereum (ERC20)$0.0219%
LightLinkA Layer 2 protocol for EthereumLLEthereum (ERC20)$0.0622.5%
PatexA blockchain network for Latin American usersPATEXEthereum (ERC20)$134.5%


Website: https://bksbackstage.io/

Backstage is a Web3 platform for organizing entertainment events. The project team offers such opportunities for users as:

  • buying event tickets with crypto;
  • converting tickets into NFTs;
  • organizing broadcasts of events in the Metaverse;
  • cooperation between concert and entertainment event organizers.


The ICO involves Backstage’s native token, BKS, that can be used as a means of payment within the ecosystem. Specifically, the token is an asset into which all fiat funds purchased through Backstage terminals are automatically transferred.

During the crowdsale process, the team plans to sell approximately 19% of all BKS tokens — about 190 million. BKS will be distributed as follows: 

  • Ecosystem Growth — 210 million (21%);
  • Staking Rewards — 180 million (18%);
  • Team — 160 million (16%);
  • Marketing — 100 million (10%);
  • Private Sale — 90 million (9%);
  • Liquidity — 80 million (8%);
  • Advisors — 80 million (8%);
  • Seed Round — 70 million (7%);
  • Public Sale — 30 million (3%).

Project Features

According to the white paper, Backstage is an ecosystem that uses blockchain to improve the financing of the entertainment industry. This ecosystem includes:

  • BiKOS — a point-of-sale (POS) system that allows crypto to be accepted as payment for tickets and converts it into BKS. 
  • BKS NFT — an infrastructure for minting event tickets.
  • BKS Wallet — an app for storing BKS tokens that can be integrated into business processes.
  • The STAGE — a platform to coordinate ecosystem members where they can share their experiences.

The official website states that Backstage has collaborated with famous artists such as Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, DJ Martin Garrix, managers of Fuerza Bruta, Fire of Anatolia, and many other shows.

Gaming Sector ICOs Planned for October

ICO List for October 2023

The gaming sector, though planned to show the most ICO activity last month, failed to hold any of them. Therefore, all rounds of raising funds through token sales in this sector were postponed to October.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
3Verse A Web3 game with PFP NFT elementsVERSEthereum (ERC20)$0.02524%
Legends of ElysiumA F2P NFT card gameLOEBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0527.5%
CodyfightA Web3 RPG gameCTOKEthereum (ERC20)$0.08
Civitas A P2E NFT multiplayer gameCITIEthereum (ERC20)
MetaClashA multiplayer blockchain gamePCOREBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.00075
Animalia An NFT card gameANIMBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.146%
Nyan HeroesA P2E shooter gameNYNSOLANA
Citizen ConflictA P2E shooter gameCCASHBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0719%
Moverse An AI-based M2E appMOVEEthereum (ERC20)$0.000240%


Website: https://www.3verse.gg/

3Verse is a browser blockchain game where users control robots and compete with each other. The project is completely free to access, so you can try out the basic mechanics of the game by downloading the mobile app for iOS and Android or simply opening it in a web browser.

The game allows users to earn 3VE tokens, which can be used to purchase game modes and booster packs, participate in tournaments, and access premium features.


The project team plans to sell about 24% of 3VE tokens within the ICO. In addition to in-game features, the token opens up the possibility for 3Verse users to integrate NFTs as avatars, gives them a voice in project management, and allows them to earn passive income from staking.

The 3VE token distribution:

  • Gaming Rewards — 28%;
  • Public Sales — 24%;
  • Development — 15%;
  • Marketing — 8%;
  • Team — 6%;
  • Liquidity Pool — 5%;
  • Staking Rewards — 5%;
  • Community (DAO) — 4%;
  • Advisors & Partners — 3%;
  • Initial Liquidity — 2%.

Project Features

The mechanics of 3Verse allows for using any NFT based on ERC-721 or ERC-1155 as a profile picture (PFP), combining it with a Mech-Pod to create your own unique G-Mech. This is a sort of robot card that will have unique characteristics based on the NFT collection it has been combined with. 

Using their G-Mech, players can battle other players in a unique PVP arena. Victories are rewarded with 3VE tokens that can be used to improve and customize the battle robot. 

Platform Sector ICOs Planned for October

ICO List for October 2023

The sector of projects offering innovative Web3-based platforms wasn’t much more productive than others last month. Thus, only one project from this sector still held an ICO in September, but most of the crowdsales were postponed to October and a new one was added to the list.

NameBrief descriptionTokenNetwork, token standardPriceTokens available for purchase, %
GMatrixsA Web3 platform for publishing and distributing games, similar to SteamGMSEthereum (ERC20)$114%
Tago VerseA blockchain platform for psychological careTAGOBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.02819%
Neptune MutualA decentralized insurance protocol for EthereumNPMBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.23
KvantsAI A blockchain platform for asset management and trading strategy selectionKVNTBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.015 19%
Health HeroA blockchain platform to support a healthy lifestyleHLTHYBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0410%
Cookie3 A marketing analytics platform for Web3 usersCOOKIEEthereum (ERC20)$0.14
Metapotamians A MetaverseMTPBNB Chain (BEP-20)$0.0611.62%
KlubCoinA music Web3 platformKLUBEthereum (ERC20)$0.012 15%


Website: https://klubcoin.net/

Date: October 2.

KlubCoin is a unique project that brings together the world of electronic music and cryptocurrencies. The innovative music Web3 platform works on the basis of the KLUB token and is developed to meet the specific needs of regular visitors of discos and electronic music festivals.

The project is based on the Party-and-Earn principle — users will be able to receive rewards for visiting famous clubs and festivals and supporting global brands of the music market. 


The native token KLUB is the basis of the project, allowing access to:

  • exclusive events in real life and virtual space;
  • the project’s NFT collection; 
  • events with tickets that are no longer available for free sale; 
  • meetings with world-famous DJs;
  • special exclusive events organized for KlubCoin users. 

The team plans to sell 15% of tokens during the ICO. The KLUB token distribution:

  • Party-and-Earn & Partnerships Ecosystem — 33%;
  • Marketing & Community — 13%;
  • Developments — 13%;
  • Private Sale — 10%;
  • Liquidity — 8%;
  • Treasury — 8%;
  • Team — 8%;
  • Public Sale — 5%;
  • Advisors & Legal — 2%.

Project Features

According to the white paper, the project has already been supported by some of the world’s leading electronic music brands such as Amnesia Ibiza, Bootshaus, Caprices Festival, DJ Mag, 1001Tracklists, Eden Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Opium, Motel Particulier, and others. 

The project features KlubList, an exclusive collection of 7,777 NFT bracelets that give their owners access to the most famous clubs and international electronic music festivals. For example, World Club Dome, Supersonic, We Are Fstvl, Rampage Open Air, Caprices Festival, Barcelona Beach Festival, Green Valley, LWE Events, Bootshaus, and many others. 

Author: Nataly Antonenko