The Aptos blockchain reached 115.4 million daily transactions thanks to the popular Web3 game Tapos Cat, breaking all previous performance records for Layer 1 (L1) protocols. The platform’s transaction processing speed reached 32,000 per second.

Aptos Sets Performance Record Among L1 Networks

Aptos, an L1 blockchain protocol developed by former Facebook and Google employees, processed 115.4 million transactions on May 25. This was a new record, double the previous one recorded on Sui Network in August 2023.

According to Aptoscan data, the platform’s transaction rate exceeded 32,000 transactions per second (TPS). Despite the high load, the blockchain network maintained a high success rate and low gas cost. This was made possible due to the Aggregator feature, which allows multiple transactions to be processed simultaneously, ensuring the network’s efficient operation.

The launch of the Tapos Cat Web3 game, which enables users to earn HEART tokens, was the catalyst for increased user activity on the network. To incentivize users to participate actively in the game, developers canceled network commissions during the first 72 hours after the game’s release. Thus, on the first day after launch, Tapos Cat users generated more than 10 million transactions. 

The mechanics of Tapos Cat and the developers’ approach to attracting users caused a number of doubts among some members of the crypto community. Mert Mumtaz, CEO of Helius Labs, accused Tapos Cat devs of artificially increasing metrics, calling the game’s mechanics “earn a shitcoin.” However, Aptos supporters believe that Tapos Cat is an important engineering project that demonstrates the strength and scalability of the Aptos network. 

According to CoinGecko’s research, Solana is the fastest L1 network, with a theoretical maximum speed of 65,000 TPS. At the same time, Solana’s record was registered at 1,504 transactions per second (TPS).

Recently, marketers of the blockchain network Algorand released a promotional video in which they emphasized the main weaknesses of the largest L1 protocols: high fees, frequent failures, and low transaction processing speed.

Author: Nataly Antonenko
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