An anonymous artist blew up a Lamborghini in the American desert, protesting the culture of getting rich quickly through crypto. 

Artist Exploded Lamborghini to Make NFT Collection

Conceptual artist and crypto-dadaist Shl0ms, keeping anonymity, blew up a used Lamborghini Huracan with high mileage. By doing so, he protested against the values of the crypto community members who glorify fast money. According to the artist’s idea, Lamborghini sports cars just represent such values. The price of the exploded car is estimated at about $250.000. 

The explosion happened on February 2, 2022, “somewhere in the American desert.” The event was carefully planned and documented, and a licensed explosives specialist was brought in to organize the detonation. The team that worked on the project collected fragments of the exploded car. Each of the fragments was documented and filmed in 4K. 

The artist plans to release an NFT collection named $CAR on his own digital platform using the fragments. Owners of cryptocurrency wallets Rainbow and Metamask will be able to purchase tokens, bids are accepted in wETH tokens. There will be 888 NFTs up for auction, and another 111 NFTs will be distributed between the project participants and the main investor. The project has a budget of about $1 million.

Shl0ms will use the money from the sale to build a non-profit DAO for ethical participants of the cryptocurrency community.

Author: Alex Golovakha