Three major auction houses summed up the year-end results, giving a separate place to NFTs.

Auction Houses Recorded Their NFT Sales in 2021

Auction houses Christie’s, Sotheby’s and Phillips announced the results of 2021. All three auction houses were bidding for non-fungible tokens for the first time this year. The overall results: 

  1. Christie’s raised $150 million from sales of NFTs, the company announced on Twitter. The largest sales were Beeple’s “Everydays: First 5000 days” for $69 million and “HUMAN ONE” for $29 million. The auction house’s total sales in 2021 were $7,1 billion, up 54% from last year.
  2. Sotheby’s raised $100 million from NFT sales in 2021, with about 78% of first-time NFT bidders using Sotheby’s, the auction house noted in a press release on its website. Total auction sales totaled $6 billion, a 71% increase over 2020.
  3. Phillips’ auction sales totaled $993 million, information about which is posted on the company’s website. NFT sales amounted to 4,1 million — as a result, Michah Dowbak’s collection called “Replicator” was sold for that amount. The auction attracted 88% of new users to the site.

The total NFT market has already surpassed $13,7 billion in 2021, according to NonFungible. In 2020, the exact figure was $64,8 million. Thus the volume of the NFT market for the year grew by more than 20000%.

Author: Alex Golovakha