The team behind Base, the Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, has unveiled Pessimism, an open source monitoring system.

Base Developers Launch Pessimism

The developers of Base, the L2 solution for Ethereum, have unveiled Pessimism, a blockchain network protocol performance monitoring system designed to strengthen security within Base. The tool is available on GitHub.

Pessimism is designed to provide rapid detection and effective response to potential threats within the network in the context of interoperability with OP Stack and EVM protocols. The system consists of three key components:

  • ETL processes and transmits real-time data;
  • Risk Engine analyzes and assesses the security of the received data;
  • Alerting distributes network status messages through external channels (e.g. Slack, Pagerduty).

Moreover, Pessimism can evaluate the performance of protocols and monitor individual parameters, enabling rapid response to potential problems. Among them are:

  • response time;
  • throughput;
  • error rates. 

The developers paid special attention to ensuring the security of the OP Stack cross-chain bridge, as it hosts the majority of assets blocked on Base. According to DefiLlama, as of 12:00 (GMT+3) on September 21, the blockchain network’s TVL is just over $358 million.

The L2 protocol Base was launched in early August, and the developers announced the decision to share management and revenue with Optimism to ensure the necessary level of decentralization. Dune Analytics reports that 1.4 million new users have already joined the network.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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