Educational portal 99Bitcoins collects Bitcoin obituaries. In 2021, 45 such materials were recorded. 

Bitcoin "Died" 45 Times in 2021

The authors of the educational portal 99Bitcoins record all obituaries written to the first cryptocurrency. A total of 438 materials of such nature have been counted since 2010. The largest number was published in 2017 — 124 articles criticizing, denouncing and predicting the imminent Bitcoin collapse. 

In 2021, 45 Bitcoin obituaries were published. This is at least three times more than in 2020. The main aspects criticized are high volatility, potential risks, and uselessness. Skeptical materials reveal the “harsh truth about cryptocurrency” and expose its fraudulent nature. But the most popular topic is speculation about the causes of Bitcoin collapse and attempts to predict its timing. 

To qualify such obituaries, the content should be written by an author with a “notable following or a site with substantial traffic.” For example, the list of recent obituaries includes publications by CNBC, Business Insider, Financial Times, Guardian, etc. 

Author: Mark Wallerstein