Unfortunately, the relocation issue is particularly acute for many in the IT industry today. Let’s look at this question through our colleague’s experience. Besides, we’ll tell you lots of interesting stuff about Bitcoin, as this knowledge is more relevant today than ever.

Predictions, Investments, Bitcoin Crashes & Relocation to Georgia

Here is our traditional weekly selection of fresh materials published on the site during the past seven days. This week we looked at the first cryptocurrency from different angles and also convinced a CoinsPaid Media employee to share her experience of relocating to Georgia. This experience is unfortunately relevant to a large number of people today. Or fortunately… Who knows?

You can always find interesting and useful information about the first cryptocurrency, investment tips and more in our materials.

  1. How to Invest in Bitcoin

“How to invest in Bitcoin?” — this is the question sooner or later asked by every person concerned about making money on crypto. BTC is the very first, the most popular and the most expensive cryptocurrency, and investments in it can differ. More about it in this article. 

  1. Bitcoin & Stock-to-Flow

No successful investment is possible without forecasts, requiring thorough analytical work. Many technical analysis methods exist that apply to all cryptocurrencies. Stock-to-Flow is a technique developed specifically for analyzing BTC, putting the definition of “digital gold” into practice.  

  1. 5 of Bitcoin’s Biggest Crashes

High volatility is doom and blessing of the crypto market in general and Bitcoin in particular. The important thing to remember is that a hacker attack or political decision can significantly affect the BTC value, and it’s nearly impossible to predict these events. We suggest you to remember the five biggest falls of the first cryptocurrency quotations, at least to get an idea of possible perspectives of the price movement and the factors influencing them. 

  1. Speaking of Georgia: The Life of a Crypto Media SMM Manager in Tbilisi

The ongoing political and economic situation in Russia and Belarus is forcing many IT professionals to move to other countries. Georgia is one of the most popular relocation areas. A CoinsPaid Media employee experienced many “charms” of such a move firsthand. In this short interview, Olga shares her relocation experience to Tbilisi and talks about local life and various details, such as vaccination requirements, everyday routine, and others. Read about it all in the article.

Author: Alex Golovakha
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