Last week, a nine-week period of capital outflows from the Ethereum network was interrupted.

Capital Flows to Crypto Projects Increased

Capital inflows to the Ethereum network last week amounted to $21 million. They interrupted a nine-week period of outflows, as it became known from the report of the investment company CoinShares. Inflows to the Bitcoin network were slightly higher at $25 million and also broke a four-week period of outflows. 

In total, institutional investors put more than $75 million in cryptocurrencies and related investment instruments from February 7 to February 13. Among altcoins, the following blockchain-based instruments generated the most investor interest last week: 

  • Solana — $3.1 million; 
  • Terra — $2.2 million; 
  • Ripple — $2 million; 
  • Tezos — $0.9 million; 
  • Cardano — $0.7 million; 
  • Polkadot — $0.6 million; 
  • Cosmos — $0.6 million; 
  • Binance — $0.3 million. 

Investment products with several assets (multi-asset) attract steadily high interest: $19 million were invested in them. 

Author: Evgeny Tarasov