Solana users will be able to make transactions with non-fungible tokens (NFT) and explore data from the blockchain network using the ChatGPT plug-in. 

ChatGPT to Facilitate NFT Trading on Solana

Solana Labs developed the ChatGPT plug-in, which successfully integrated AI into the Solana blockchain network. It was announced by representatives of the Solana Foundation. They said it was the first example of successful integration of AI technology in the layer-1 blockchain. 

The ChatGPT plug-in has open source code and can be downloaded from GitHub. The developers report that the functionality of the program includes purchasing and transferring NFTs, finding NFT collections by floor price, inspecting transactions, and interpreting public account data on the Solana network.

Moreover, the plug-in will help gain a surface understanding of the principles of the Solana blockchain network, its computing infrastructure, and the DeFi protocols that run on it. 

The Solana Foundation also announced an expansion of its development funding program for integrating AI into Solana from $1 million to $10 million, with over 50 projects already applying for participation in the program. 

On top of that, the foundation launched a three-month-long accelerator program for university students, with a specific focus on experiments with blockchain and artificial intelligence. As part of this program, they’ve already created the chatbot Ask Solana U, which answers questions about Solana development and helps find the necessary documentation on Solana. They’ve also created the Solana Audits neural network, designed to improve the security of Solana-based smart contracts. 

Recall that project representatives announced the ChatGPT plug-in about a month ago. Scammers follow the trends and actively use ChatGPT to attract attention to fraudulent projects. 

Author: Mark Wallerstein
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