CoinsPaid Defined Its Position on Ukraine

CoinsPaid calls to support Ukraine.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem CoinsPaid called on the crypto community to support the Ukrainian nation. The company’s representatives also expressed their position on the current conflict: 

  1. Condemnation of the military invasion of Ukraine. 
  2. Intolerance of ethnic hatred. 
  3. Recognition of the rule of law (the company is registered in Estonia). 

CoinsPaid emphasizes in its statement that the company’s employees include citizens of Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine — the nations of these countries are brotherly but have been drawn into political games. No matter their citizenship or nationality, they all work together at CoinsPaid as colleagues, comrades, and friends. The company values each team member equally and cares about their safety by encouraging them to move to more peaceful countries. 

“We all hope that this war will end soon, and we will wake up in a peaceful world,” said Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid.
Author: Mark Wallerstein