The editorial staff reports the latest news — the first course, available to everyone from anywhere in the world, is ready and waiting for your attention. 

Crypto Course for Beginners by CoinsPaid Media

The Academy rubric includes five lessons explaining the basic concepts of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and reveals the main industry trends in a simple and accessible way. The course is called Enter to Crypto. Starter Edition, as a hint that all you have to do to get useful and up-to-date information is simply click Enter. 

Who Needs It 

The answer is simple: anyone who wants to gain basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and other trends actively dominating the headlines. You have to admit that only a couch potato or someone living in a cave somewhere without an Internet and mobile connection isn’t talking about the crypto industry right now. If you want to be in the loop, get to know the fundamentals, have an idea of what blockchain is and how it works, understand DeFi, and finally find the answer to the question “why NFTs can be so expensive”, then this course is exactly for you. 

What Will I Learn in This Course? 

The course program consists of the following blocks: 

— Introduction: Here, we’ll greet you and quickly tell you how Enter to Crypto. Starter Edition will be held.

— Video from Max Krupyshev, CoinsPaid CEO and a world-famous crypto enthusiast, about blockchain. This will include basic concepts of blockchain, an explanation of how it works, and an essential part of the history of the term’s emergence. Among the lesson’s additional materials, we suggest you read an article about which future professions will be potentially automated with the use of blockchain.

— Block about cryptocurrencies. Four videos explaining what cryptocurrencies are, their functionality, how the currency operates, legal usage, and much more. As additional materials, there are several articles about popular cryptocurrencies, a glossary of terms, a cheat sheet on how to tell your friends about crypto, and material on how people invest in cryptocurrencies and what they need to know. 

— Block about trends in the crypto industry. Here you will find several videos with comprehensive information about CBDCs, NFTs, and DeFi. After watching the lessons and reading the articles, these abbreviations will definitely not seem like hocus pocus to you. 

— The final lesson will feature some brief information about a company in the industry, taking CoinsPaid as an example. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll see the advantages that cryptocurrency ecosystem integration can open up for your business.

How to Take the Course 

The course is available free of charge. We have prepared 13 articles and 10 videos. The editorial staff has uploaded the videos to YouTube, and the accompanying materials (articles, checklists, and dictionaries) can be found on the CoinsPaid Media website. You’ll see a list of lessons on the course page. Just click on the title, and the links you need to study will appear below it. Enter to Crypto. Starter Edition implies self-study at your own pace. 

Useful Links 

Here are some useful links so you can easily switch to learning new things. And, of course, one click of a button is enough. 

Enter to Crypto. Starter Edition — course page.

Program — training schedule. — email for feedback. It would be cool if you could find time to write a few words about the course to our email or on any social networking site — you can find the links in the header. Click on your favorite social media icon and write to us anytime. 

Good luck and enjoy learning, from all of the CoinsPaid Media editorial team!

Author: Ekaterina Palianova
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