CoinsPaid Service Added New Digital Assets

CoinsPaid Service Added New Digital Assets

Users of the cryptoprocessing service CoinsPaid will now perform transactions with Binance tokens. 

Transactions with BNB and BUSD tokens of BEP-20 standard, i.e., on BSC blockchain (BNB Smart Chain, previously — Binance Smart Chain) became available for users of by CoinsPaid payment gateway. Note, in CoinsPaid services, the BNB token mentioned above has the designation BNB-BSC to not confuse it with the BEP-2 standard BNB token based on the Binance Chain. 

Moreover, new currency pairs with ERC-20 standard USDT (USDTE) and TRC-20 (USDTT) stablecoins, as well as with Euro (EUR), appeared in the system for the added BNB-BSC token. It is planned to add new currency pairs to the BUSD token in the near future. All available currencies and currency pairs of by CoinsPaid can be found here:

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