CoinsPaid CEO shared the company’s latest news while talking to the crypto community members.

CoinsPaid’s Transaction Processing Volume Increased by 354%

An AMA session with CoinsPaid CEO Max Krupyshev was held on April 14. He discussed various topics, including the launch of a CPD token and the CoinsPaid Foundation, upcoming listings, future plans and much more.

The AMA session was held on the Telegram channel called MDEX and had three stages: an interview with a host, a Q&A with the audience and an announcement of the quiz winners, held on the CoinsPaid channel. The session provided participants with a lot of information not only about the CPD token but also about the company’s current projects. Here are the main points voiced by Max Krupyshev:

  1. The total amount of funds processed by CoinsPaid increased by 354% in 2021 compared to the previous year. The overall volume of transactions processed was about $6.4 billion. 
  2. In March 2022, the company processed more than $1 billion in crypto transactions. 
  3. CoinsPaid is more than just a payment gateway. The company has a full-fledged payment ecosystem: two wallets (business and personal), crypto-fiat conversions and OTC, and even a White Label solution. There are plans to roll out crypto cards. 
  4. The company is starting several SaaS solutions that will allow entrepreneurs to create their own crypto services.
  5. DeFi services and a cross-network management protocol are under development. One of CoinsPaid’s global goals is to create a bridge between traditional online businesses and the DeFi sector.
  6. Technically, CoinsPaid has three security audits from reputable companies and an internal security service. Plus, there are two legal opinions from well-established firms in Germany and Liechtenstein, which have documented the legal use of CPD in terms of European law.
  7. One of CoinsPaid’s aims for 2022 is to have 50% of merchants holding and using CPD, i.e. more than 400 partners.
  8. The company will integrate the CPD utility into its cryptocurrency wallets so that users holding a token will receive up to a 50% discount on transaction processing fees. This applies to both business and ordinary users. 
  9. Ordinary CPD users can perform yield farming through liquidity pools, particularly on the MDEX decentralized exchange. 
  10. The CoinsPaid Foundation project is currently under development and will be building partnerships with exchanges, crypto wallet developers, iGaming platforms, liquidity providers, representatives of DeFi protocols, etc. 
  11. CoinsPaid has already partnered with major investment funds Hard Yaka, Master Ventures and AU21. The foundation’s creation will expand the company’s partner network.  
  12. Once the CoinsPaid Foundation is launched, the company will announce plans for CEX listings. 
  13. Besides the foundation and CEX listings, CoinsPaid is making plans to enter the Latin American market. 
  14. CoinsPaid’s business model is resistant to market sentiment, making it an ever-growing company. The bottom line is that CoinsPaid’s main customers and CPD users are regular online businesses, in the context of which the crypto payment market still has huge growth potential. 

The AMA session ended on a pleasant note — with the announcement of the quiz winners. Earlier, we reported that CoinsPaid is making plans to form and expand the CPD community. In particular, an Ambassador program was launched as a part of this initiative, with a monthly fund of about $10,000.

Author: Olga Zemtsova
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