CoinsPaid Media invites everyone to participate in the AMA session, which will be held on the Reddit platform and dedicated to various crypto media aspects.

CP Media Announces AMA Session on Crypto Media

CoinsPaid Media’s editorial staff will answer questions during the AMA session, which takes place on the subreddit of our online edition from March 20-25, 2023 inclusive. Questions can be submitted in advance.

Among the topics announced:

  • principles of quality journalism;
  • fact-checking in the preparation of materials;
  • KYC in work with clients;
  • features of brand media, etc.

Users are invited to ask any questions relating to the professional activities of CP Media, and will not be limited to the specified topics. The initiative aims to share the details of the cryptocurrency media’s work, communicate with readers and learn the current issues concerning the crypto community in the context of information technology and its impact on the cryptocurrency market.

Questions will be answered by:

  • Ekaterina Palianova, Editor-in-Chief of CoinsPaid Media.
  • Evgeny Tarasov, Head of Content at CP Media.

The Ask-Me-Anything format is great for building communication with the crypto community. This is an opportunity to get honest feedback, identify the main value of our information product for recipients, and work with preconceived negative stereotypes,” – Evgeny Tarasov comments on the initiative.

In our industry, expertise is one of the most important indicators of editorial quality. We report news and useful content daily, provide fact-checking, extract quotes, and put together stories like jigsaw puzzles. Understanding the complex and communicating it all to our readers in simple language and with clear examples is our aim. At the AMA session, we will show you another side of our work: not the end result in the form of publications on the website or social networks, but the prewriting, the inner kitchen, the gathering of material, and everything related to what makes a newsroom run like clockwork. If you are thinking about your own quality media and looking for options to move as a specialist in the crypto industry, we are waiting for you and your questions,” – adds Ekaterina Palianova.

The AMA session will be held via the link. The session will be in English:

Author: Mark Wallerstein
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