Crypto Industry in Georgia, SafeMoon, and Copyright in Web3 Projects

CP Media continues to monitor what’s going on in the cryptocurrency market and cover the most interesting topics concerning the blockchain industry in detail. The year started quite eventfully, with the bankruptcy of Genesis being undoubtedly the hottest event. 

Crypto in Georgia, SafeMoon, and Copyright in Web3 Projects

However, last week’s crypto news stories were mostly positive. The dynamics of digital asset adoption around the world is growing, the blockchain developer community increased significantly, and so on. Our editorial team also covered other topics during the past week. To make sure our dear readers don’t miss anything important, we bring to your attention the traditional digest of the materials published during the last seven days.   

  1. The Cryptocurrency Market in Georgia

Georgia is one of the most promising jurisdictions of the Caucasus and Western Asia in terms of blockchain industry development. Changpeng Zhao pointed this out during his visit last year. Nowadays, Binance has an educational program on cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies in Georgia on the basis of a local university. All in all, Georgia’s crypto market definitely merits close scrutiny. 

  1. SafeMoon: A Volatility Solution or a Crypto Bubble?

SafeMoon is a former flagship of the Reddit crypto community, and today it’s a dubious project that survived several major declines and a barrage of criticism. However, it’s still in operation. What was SafeMoon’s original intent? What was behind its popularity? Why did it fall, and what is the current state of affairs in the project? Our article gives the answers to all of these questions. 

  1. The General State of Copyright Protection in the Web3 Era

A question that’s especially relevant to the CP Media editors. SharpShark representatives prepared for us an op-ed on the subject. We highly recommend reading it for all specialists involved in Web3 content. There’s a lot of useful information, including services to solve the stated problem. 

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