Max Krupyshev spoke about the benefits of cryptocurrencies for businesses and users in an exclusive interview.

Cryptocurrencies Allow Businesses to Save up to 80% of Transaction Costs

Businesses can save up to 80% of payment costs by using crypto. Moreover, the total number of crypto users is about 300 million, and it could exceed 1 billion by the end of 2022. These are all potential customers, and accepting payment in crypto engages them in economic relationships.

As for retail clients, we let them pay with cryptocurrency on 800+ sites in a very intuitive way, with a clickable payment link or QR code,” shared Max Krupyshev, CEO of CoinsPaid, in an interview.

The total turnover of funds processed by Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid in 2021 exceeded €4,8 billion. Active development allowed the company to attract investments from Master Ventures, Hard Yaka and AU21 funds. CoinsPaid has issued its own CPD token for greater user comfort. Recall that the company’s services have successfully passed two security audits: by Kaspersky Labs and 10Guards. 

CoinsPaid’s success was praised by the crypto community, which resulted in an award in the “Payment Provider of the Year” category according to AIBC Summit 2020.

Author: Mark Wallerstein