The crypto market has been surprisingly stable this week, though U.S. regulators keep attacking crypto companies. CEXs started to gradually regain user confidence, while Glassnode analysts stated that most short-term BTC investments are unprofitable.

Cryptocurrency and Sports, Bitcoin’s Potential Collapse, and Crypto Events

Last week, the crypto market was also full of new technological solutions and developments: Citigroup announced work on a DLT service for institutional clients, Base finally rolled out Pessimism, and an anonymous developer taught ChatGPT to mint its own tokens. 

As always, CP Media continues to track the most interesting and relevant cryptocurrency updates and introduce our readers to the biggest Web3 industry events. Besides, our columnists prepare a lot of informative and educational materials, and the weekly digest will ensure that you don’t miss anything. 

  1. Cryptocurrency and Web3 in the Sports Industry 

Digital assets and Web3 technologies have transformed the world of sports, making it even more interactive and engaging. CP Media delved into how cryptocurrencies and blockchain innovations have affected athletes, fans, and even sports team managers.

  1. Can Bitcoin Go Completely Devalued?

The biggest fear of any crypto owner is that the crypto market will suddenly collapse and all assets will be devalued. We took an in-depth look at a possible collapse of the first cryptocurrency that could potentially trigger the whole market to crumble and explained under which scenarios Bitcoin could still lose its value.

  1. Blockchain in Sports with Case Studies  

We decided to go deeper into the world of professional sports and find out how exactly famous athletes and teams interact with the Web3 industry. This article contains everything: from successful crypto projects of famous football players to accidental promotion of scam apps by well-known boxers.

  1. Cryptocurrency Events of Late September

Last week, we also covered the most significant cryptocurrency events scheduled for the last week of September:

Attending these events is a must for anyone looking to expand their knowledge in the Web3 industry and find new business partners. However, visiting them can be an interesting experience for absolutely everyone interested in blockchain development and cryptocurrencies.

Author: Nataly Antonenko