Crypto Reddit, Forecasts, Changpeng Zhao, and  IT Event in Georgia

CoinsPaid Media’s editorial team is closely following developments in the blockchain industry. In particular, we continue to observe the FTX crisis, whose inertia continues to gain momentum. At the same time, these events illustrate that the level of resilience of the crypto industry has increased significantly. 

Cryptocurrency Reddit, Changpeng Zhao, and an IT Event in Georgia

Besides, CoinsPaid Media is keeping an eye on other important news on the crypto market, so the most significant events and trends will definitely be noticed by our readers. In order to divert from the situational agenda and get to know the industry better, we continue to prepare great articles dedicated to various aspects of the crypto market. And to make sure you don’t miss anything significant, here is our traditional weekly digest of relevant materials. 

  1. How the Reddit Community Uses Cryptocurrency 

Reddit is the largest social platform where the most extensive crypto community has gathered. It unites users of different projects and is segmented by interests, and the unity of the community is manifested in joint mass actions. Moreover, Reddit encourages blockchain technology and is gradually incorporating it into its platform, already being the largest NFT resource…

  1. Crypto Market Forecasts for Early December

Once again, CoinsPaid Media interviewed respected experts, collecting their short-term forecasts in one piece. As a result, it is possible to get a general idea of what to expect from the crypto market in the near future and what factors have the most significant impact on it right now. 

  1. Changpeng Zhao Revealed Many Interesting Things at a Press Conference in Tbilisi

Purely technically, it’s a piece of news, but the volume of material would beat many of our articles. In addition, it’s an exclusive article since Changpen Zhao was even able to talk to CoinsPaid Media’s journalist at the press conference. Moreover, she recorded the whole conversation between the CEO of Binance and journalists in an audio format that allowed our editorial office to prepare this material. During the conversation, Changpeng Zhao told a lot of interesting and even provocative things, so we highly recommend you read it. 

  1. IT HighRise 

IT HighRise is an event in Georgia that CoinsPaid Media was directly involved in organizing. Visiting IT HighRise will be pleasant and useful for all representatives of the Georgian IT industry and guests from neighboring countries without exception. We are expecting respected speakers, master classes, discussions, and a lot of networking. It’s a great opportunity to expand professional knowledge and improve skills, as well as to join the local IT community. 

The organization request came at the last minute, so the event is not listed as one of the “16 Major Crypto Events in December 2022.” The crypto industry continues to grow even amid the economic crisis, political destabilization, and growing social tensions. So, perhaps, in the fields of crypto conferences, summits and exhibitions are already discussing technologies that can change the situation for the better in the near future.

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