Dubai Customs announced the launch of a new blockchain platform to improve supply chains and reduce customs clearance paperwork. The initiative is a part of a plan to strengthen the emirate’s position as a leading global trade hub.

Dubai Customs Adopts Blockchain

Dubai Customs unveiled a new blockchain platform that simplifies supply chains within Dubai and across borders. The initiative promotes digital transformation and strengthens collaboration between government agencies and logistics industries.

According to Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of the Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Corporation, the innovation reflects the authorities’ ambition to make Dubai a global hub for trade and logistics. He also noted that introducing blockchain will strengthen Dubai’s position in the global trade arena.

The launched blockchain solution is designed to reduce the time required for customs clearance of goods and enable fast and secure commercial transactions. Blockchain will increase supply chain transparency through secure data exchange and reduce paperwork.

According to Dr. Abdullah Busnad, Director General of Dubai Customs, the blockchain platform will also enable real-time tracking of goods movements in supply chains and significantly strengthen methods to combat fraud and counterfeiting in customs clearance. Atiq Almehairi, Executive Director of Customs Development Division at Dubai Customs, emphasized that the blockchain platform will improve service efficiency by simplifying data exchange and automating customs clearance processes.

The authorities of Dubai are actively introducing blockchain in various spheres. For example, the Dubai Police uses a blockchain solution to store and transfer evidence and data on criminal cases, and the offices of some government departments of the emirate were opened in the Metaverse. The UAE authorities are also seeking to turn Dubai into a hub of the blockchain industry due to the loyal conditions for crypto business.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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