QANplatform launched the world’s first blockchain that combines quantum resistance, compatibility with the Ethereum ecosystem, and smart contract creation in any programming language. 

irst Quantum-Resistant, EVM-Compatible Blockchain Created

QANplatform announced the successful launch of QAN TestNet, a quantum-resistant EVM-compatible blockchain, the first of its kind. The network serves as a precursor to the QAN MainNet beta, the exact launch date of which is yet to be announced. 

QAN TestNet is powered by the QAN Virtual Machine (QVM) and supports smart contract creation in a variety of programming languages compatible with the Linux kernel. The press release highlights that such an architecture potentially enables the attraction of over 28 million new devs by leveraging a wide range of programming languages.

To ensure the security of post-quantum transactions, the project utilizes the CRYSTALS-Dilithium post-quantum cryptography algorithm and the QAN XLINK cross-signature protocol. These technologies enable the development of post-quantum-resistant smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. As a result, EVM-compatible Web3 protocols can test the migration process to a quantum-resistant platform without risking the user funds hosted on their mainnets.

Vitalik Buterin recently spoke out about possible scenarios of attackers using quantum computers to breach smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and suggested possible solutions.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov
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