Google Pay Will Become a Comprehensive Digital Wallet

More specifically, Google plans to add the ability to store cryptocurrencies on digital cards. 

Google is working on transforming Google Pay into a “comprehensive digital wallet.” This became known from an interview with Bloomberg, given by Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce. 

Among the main features planned to be implemented in Google Pay are: 

  • the ability to store cryptocurrency; 
  • support for storing digital tickets and vaccine passports; 
  • payment options directly in search results; 
  • support for data from personal loyalty cards and discount cards for relevant searches. 

The corporation hired former PayPal CEO Arnold Goldberg to update Google Pay. Overall, Google plans to expand its collaboration with projects from the digital asset industry. 

The company already cooperates with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and the Bitpay processing service. In this context, it is voiced that despite the possibility of storing cryptocurrencies in their account, payments within Google Pay will be made in fiat currencies.

Author: Alex Golovakha