Chinese authorities uncovered a fake digital yuan app that hackers use to gain access to user assets and sensitive information.

Hackers Faked Official Digital Yuan App

The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology warned of a phishing app for the digital yuan, the interface design of which exactly copies the official one.

Users of the fake app fall victim to fraud, as hackers gain access not only to assets but also to personal information via it. The fake app can be detected only by a few details, such as a changed logo, a more detailed UI, and a different MD5 identifier. Otherwise, the app fully replicates the authentic one and even has a fake customer support team.

Local officials say this isn’t the first time scam apps for the digital yuan are discovered. China, despite its hardline policy on cryptocurrencies, encountered several major crimes in this area, including data theft and digital asset exchange fraud.

Singapore authorities recently revealed the most popular methods of crypto theft, warning users about the growing level of cybercrime.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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