It became known that a solo miner received a big reward for adding a new block to the network. His hash rate amounts to only 116 terahash per second. Nevertheless, he secured a reward for the added block of 6,25 BTC plus a 0,018 BTC commission. This is more than $274,000 at the current price. 

Lone Miner Won the Block Race and Earned 6,25 BTC

Analysts have calculated the miner’s “success formula” and concluded that the chance of such a happy coincidence in the Bitcoin network is 1 in 1,400,000.  

This is not the first lone miner to receive a high reward for adding blocks to the network this week. It is worth noting that both lucky winners are part of the Solo CK mining pool. He was able to nearly double his hash rate in the last four days. According to, the pool ranks 13th position on the list. It accounts for 0,45% of the network’s hash rate. 

As Solo CK administrator Con Kolivas tweeted, the lucky guy who added the new block became a part of the pool just two days ago.

Author: Ekaterina Palianova
#Bitcoin #Mining