MakerDAO is getting ready to make fundamental changes to the DAI stablecoin ecosystem that will boost the total coin supply to 100 billion and beyond.

MakerDAO Gets Ready for Endgame Realization

The MakerDAO team revealed that they’re ready to implement the Endgame plan, aimed at making several fundamental changes to the project’s infrastructure that will increase the growth rate, sustainability, and accessibility of the ecosystem. The Endgame’s ultimate goal is to raise the total supply of DAI to 100 billion.

The implementation of Endgame will be done in 4 main phases:

  1. Launch Season — presentation of the new brand. The primary focus will be on attracting new users through airdrops and other marketing activities. The ecosystem update will be implemented. One month after the update, the team will unveil two new ecosystem tokens, whose names aren’t disclosed yet.
  2. Scaling up — scaling up the new ecosystem. Six SubDAOs are planned to be launched, each serving different market segments: RWAs, gaming, L2 solutions, etc.
  3. NewChain — creating an autonomous Layer 1 blockchain. The existing MakerDAO ecosystem will be migrated to its own blockchain network, with Ethereum support remaining as a backup. Tokenomics and project governance mechanisms will be moved to the new network as decided by the community.
  4. Final Endgame — finalization of all technical management mechanisms. Verification of scalability and operation of the new DeFi ecosystem.

Launch Season is scheduled for the summer of 2024. Within the first phase, the team plans to:

  • launch new tokens, which for now are named NewStable and NewGovToken and are the equivalents of DAI and MKR within the new ecosystem;
  • create a new user website and DeFi app;
  • launch the Lockstake Engine (LSE), the ecosystem’s mechanism for staking new tokens and yield farming.

The Endgame plan was introduced back in 2023. The MakerDAO team plans to reach the final stage within a few years.

Recently, analysts at S&P Global called the DAI stablecoin one of the most unstable and pointed to the asset’s high risk of limited liquidity.

Author: Molly Wilson
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