Multifunctional Crypto Wallet for e-CNY

Multifunctional Crypto Wallet for e-CNY

One of the already announced features of the digital yuan wallet is the ability to choose a parking space. 

The developers of the crypto wallet plan to turn the application into a super-app, i.e. to implement on its basis the functionality of several services at once. This was pointed out by Kevin Xu, founder of, whose authors record data from the PBOC’s Digital Currency Research Institute’s patent sheet. 

According to their information, one of the already patented methods of using a cryptocurrency wallet for e-CNY will be to select a parking space. Thus, the app will fall into the category of super-apps — multifunctional applications that are particularly popular in China. One of the most popular super-apps is WeChat — the app was originally a social network, but it has added payment system functions and other financial services over time.  Recall that earlier in December, China announced the circulation of the digital yuan (e-CNY) in the Olympic Village as one of the official means of payment, available to foreigners as well. Previously, a pilot version of the cryptocurrency wallet for China’s CBDC became available in digital stores and topped the list of the most downloaded apps in China.

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