NASA developed a virtual reality (VR) platform to prepare astronauts for life on the lunar space station. Training in the Metaverse will help them acquire the necessary skills to operate and survive in space.

NASA Trains Astronauts in Metaverse

According to a NASA blog, astronauts preparing to become the first humans on the Gateway lunar space station will explore the architecture of the spacecraft in virtual reality.

NASA and SpaceX developed the Metaverse platform, using which astronauts can prepare for life on the yet-to-be-built space station. Virtual Space is modeled from blueprints of the Gateway spacecraft, which is being designed as a next-generation, solar-powered laboratory.

The first to explore the Gateway virtual space, informally dubbed “home-away-from home,” were Raja Chari and Nicole Mann, Commanders of the SpaceX Crew-3 and Crew-5 missions. Using VR headsets, the astronauts performed various tasks that they’ll have to fulfill in the future aboard the spacecraft. They were able to simulate performing science experiments, retrieving supplies, and preparing warm meals.

After each visit to the Metaverse, the astronauts share their impressions and make detailed reports that will allow NASA architects to make changes in Gateway’s design, which will make the space station safer and more comfortable.

NASA is actively using the possibilities of blockchain in its projects. In particular, the agency plans to use the DLT system to record the fact of landing on the surface of the Moon.

Author: Molly Wilson
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