News Retrospective of 2022, Forecasts for February, and Crypto Party 

Forecasts, opinions, events, reports, statements, incidents… It’s quite a challenge to catch up with the heavy information flow related to the cryptocurrency market. However, key events are always covered in the News section on the CoinsPaid Media website. 

News Retrospective, February Forecasts, and Events

Furthermore, our team explores not only the current agenda but also some less obvious but still interesting topics. And to make sure our dear readers don’t miss anything potentially useful, the CP Media editors publish a weekly digest listing the hottest pieces we’ve published on our website. 

  1. Key Events in the Crypto Industry: News Retrospective of 2022

We wrap up our 2022 summary with a big article featuring a retrospective of the most significant events in the blockchain industry. Naturally, news relevance is a subjective and evaluative characteristic, so the material provides a view on this matter according to CP Media’s opinion. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Market Forecasts for February 2023

We come back to the traditional rubric with forecasts. We interviewed several subject-matter experts, who shared their views on the ongoing events, near-term prospects, and key market drivers to expect in February. 

  1. Social Media & Cryptocurrencies: Why Are Investors So Dependent on the Info Field?

An op-ed on the role of social media in crypto market analysis. This column partially echoes the above piece. A point of view that will surely find support and understanding among many of our readers.

  1. Specifics of the Betting Industry in the Web3 Space

A partner material, which nevertheless contains valuable information for readers. We’ve already mentioned in the previous digest that CP Media always pays special attention to choosing topics for affiliate pieces and their preparation. You can make sure of this for yourself by following the link placed above. 

  1. Cryptocurrency Events 

Rarely a digest goes without any mention of crypto events. This week, we’d like to focus on the London Baby party, which will take place during the annual B2B exhibition ICE London. 

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