Crypto exchange OKCoin revealed the launch of a zero-fee NFT marketplace.

OKCoin Gets Ready to Launch NFT Marketplace with Zero Fees

OKCoin representatives announced the opening of a waiting list for those wishing to test the new NFT marketplace scheduled to launch this year. Among the site’s main advantages is the absence of transaction fees. Collectors will pay only for gas.

The platform will support assets based on Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain and OKX. The marketplace will feature NFTs from popular collections like CryptoPunks, World of Women, Bored Apes and Boss Beauties. The platform plans to release its own series of collectible NFTs, with special privileges for holders. 

The NFT marketplace will give users the ability to connect third-party crypto wallets, such as MetaMask, to sell or buy tokens. The developers also mention the absence of royalty restrictions for creators of non-fungible tokens

OKCoin CEO Hong Fang says the platform is designed to create a new marketplace for NFTs, “where prices and profits will be determined by supply and demand, more so than anywhere else.” 

In partnership with Randi Zuckerberg and HUG, the exchange will support NFT collections on OKCoin from creators in the demographic groups (BIPOC), whose presence on the NFT marketplace is limited.

Recall that the Ethereum blockchain has previously implemented a cashback feature for NFT purchases.

Author: Ana Bustos García
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