Roughly 80% of all profits from NFT sales are made by only 5% of OpenSea users.

Only 5% of Users Make 80% of Profits On OpenSea

According to large-scale research by Chainalysis, the trade turnover of the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea has exceeded $6 billion since the beginning of 2021, with only 28,5% of NFTs purchased during the initial offering and 65,1% of NFTs bought on the secondary market generating profit. Meanwhile, only 5% of users receive about 80% of all profits. 

Successful investors hold tokens from at least ten different NFT collections. The most profitable NFT transactions come from a group of traders holding assets from an average of 28 collections. Thus, diversification of investments pays off best. 

The total volume of the NFT market has exceeded $26,9 billion since the beginning of 2021. CryptoPunks is the most popular NFT collection. 

Author: Evgeny Tarasov