A user has accused OpenSea of politically motivated censorship.

Political Censorship on The Largest NFT Marketplace

The artist named Stonetoss has accused the biggest NFT marketplace OpenSea of political censorship. The platform’s representatives delisted his Flurks NFT collection worth $1,8 million for unknown reasons, he said on his Twitter.

The artist has publicly accused the site of political censorship and appealed to the founders. They had no comment at the time of publication. OpenSea rules allow the distribution of “controversial content”, but reserve the site administration the right to remove “inappropriate” content. The criteria for “inappropriateness” are not disclosed. 

All illustrations in the Flurks collection were automatically generated. The basis for the collection was the characters of Stonetoss Comics. As a result, the images included FBI agents with the AK-47, MAGA movement supporters, which encouraged former U.S. President Donald Trump, and other cartoon characters.

Author: Evgeny Tarasov